Is IPTV Illegal? If Yes, in Which Case?

No, IPTV itself is not an illegal technology. It is the type of content you watch or stream that can be considered illegal. The type of box used to play content can also be the cause. Thus, everyone can very well enjoy streaming and content on IPTV without fear of falling into illegality.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is internet TV or connected television. It allows you to connect to channels on the internet and watch them on a TV, a Smart TV, a Smartphone, a tablet or a PC. You are thus entitled to streaming and several channels to choose from. You can even follow programs from other countries or continue to enjoy your series even if you are in another country.

Precisely, IPTV was created to allow everyone to enjoy TV even outside the home. And when you’re indoors, IPTV allows you to connect to several media at the same time and watch different content for the same subscription. This differs from digital TV where a box can only be used for a single TV and therefore for a single program.

These advantages of IPTV delight film lovers. This also avoids arguments around the remote control. Each member of the family can watch their favorite movie in their room, and everyone can also get together in front of the Smart TV for a family show.

Android boxes for IPTV

To be able to watch the channels offered on an IPTV, you must connect the internet to an IPTV TV box. These are the famous android boxes. And beware, even if you hear it often, they are not illegal at all. Explanation…

The TV box is the device that connects your TV or Smartphone to the internet to help you connect to IPTV. Your internet service provider will give you some when signing the contract. You thus have the right to watch all the channels included in the subscription on this box. And so far, everything is legal. In practice, you only have to buy an IPTV box to have IPTV.

Only, they do not offer all the channels in the world, but only those offered in your contract. This is why little geniuses have decided to adopt certain boxes so that you have access to all the channels you want. And this is where the problem arises.the legality of IPTV

The illegality of IPTV

TV lovers are always looking for more thrills, more sensations and more content. They are not satisfied with streaming or programs on classic TV, they seek to know the outcome of their favorite series, to be aware of the latest news even if it means falling into illegality.

And only boxes that allow you to play channels other than those in your subscription allow it. You can even find them all over the internet. Some are a bit expensive, it depends on the type of channels or the country, and some are too affordable or even free. But all of them are illegal.

If you buy these boxes, use them to watch Netflix US from another country, for example, you are breaking the law. And every time you decide to tune in to a channel you don’t have the right to, you become guilty of theft. Indeed, these boxes steal and confuse normal television streams. They then resell them at a low price.

When you use a box to access IPTV channels that you do not have the right to, you are illegal. In the eyes of the law, you are a thief. Indeed, your contract prohibits you from certain channels even if your box allows it.

Where is the logic?

It’s simple, you cannot have access to certain channels because your supplier himself does not have access to them. The rule of geo-restriction applies to him as much as to you. So when you get caught, you risk:

  • Termination of your subscription: your supplier may decide to immediately terminate the subscription contract and file a complaint. As he has to pay for you, you should pay for him.
  • Legal action: The aggrieved supplier can take legal action against their dishonest customers. 
  • Heavy penalties: you risk a jail term or hefty fines

The other dangers

In addition to falling into illegality, you can also be hacked. It is a technical risk, knowing that termination of the contract and criminal penalties are financial and legal risks.

In fact, illegal IPTV offers with the boxes are often victims of hacking. However, to connect, you should register your personal data. Ironically, your pirate box can be hacked. Hackers can easily extract sensitive information, your browsing data or even what you store on your Smartphone. They have access to your internet network.

In addition, the media are not equipped with sufficient protection or an appropriate security system to deal with possible hackings, intrusions or hacking. Thus, we do not recommend the use of these boxes. You should also limit yourself to your internet subscription as well as your IPTV offers to stay legal.

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