How to Use Face ID With a Mask

From iOS 15.4 and above, Apple integrated a new feature that allows you to take advantage of the Face ID while wearing the mask, thus allowing you to unlock the phone even without necessarily having an Apple Watch on your wrist.

The feature can recognize “distinctive features of the area around the eyes” to authenticate. If you activate this option in the setup phase, the face must be scanned again for recognition with Face ID. Subsequently, it will be possible to unlock the device even when wearing the mask.

In the Settings app, there is the “Use Face ID with a mask” switch, an option that you can activate or deactivate (if you change your mind later). There is also the “Add glasses” option to allow Face ID a greater accuracy when wearing goggles and mask at the same time.Face ID with a mask

Apple warns that Face ID technology “offers greater accuracy when configured for full face recognition only.” To allow Face ID to work with the mask on, you need to look towards the iPhone. The release system does not work in any case when wearing sunglasses.

Apple allows you to unlock an iPhone with an Apple Watch if you are wearing a mask or a pair of sunglasses. If you wear a mask or a pair of sunglasses and have an Apple Watch on your wrist, simply lift the iPhone to unlock it with a glance. A passcode and the pulse detection feature must be active on the Apple Watch. You have to wear the unlocked Apple Watch on your wrist.

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