9 Tricks on iOS and iPhone that Not Everyone Knows About

Even if you are an experienced iPhone user, there is still a chance that you do not know all the tricks and hidden features of iOS. And no wonder, since Apple has been relentlessly releasing software updates for the iPhone for almost 15 years now but doesn’t always publicly announce many of the cool iOS features. Instead, the company relies on end-users to dig them up anyway and report them to the world.

Tips and Tricks on iOS and iPhone:

1) Find your iPhone in the dark

If you’re having trouble finding your phone in the dark, the simplest solution is to use the “Hey Siri” command to turn on the flashlight on your iPhone.

2) How to measure another person’s height

To measure someone’s height with an iPhone, first, open the Tape Measure app. Then make sure you see the whole body of the person from head to toe. Once you do that, you will see a line appear right above the character’s head in the frame that will tell you the height of the body being measured.

3) Instantly go to the top of the app or website

This is an old topic, but very useful and handy. If you’re in an app or any website in Safari, you can jump to the very top of the screen by tapping the display just below the notch. This is very handy when there is a lot of content in the Photos app, and you need to quickly jump to the top of the list.

4) Use the Apple logo as a button

With iOS 14, the company added a feature whereby users can double-tap or triple-tap the back of their iPhone to trigger an action. You can set this up by going to Settings – Accessibility – Touch – Back panel touch.

5) Record videos with music playing in the background

If you are trying to record a video while music from Spotify or Apple Music is playing in the background, the music will stop as soon as you open the video panel. However, there is a smart tip to get around this limitation.

After enabling a track from Spotify or Apple Music to play in the background, open the Camera app. Now, instead of switching to video mode, press the white start recording button and hold it to the right (you will see a lock icon). From now on, your iPhone will record video with background music playing.

6) Become a Calculator App Pro

When using the Calculator on iPhone, you can erase the entered numbers from the screen by swiping left on the app’s display. The simplest trick, but not everyone could guess it.

7) Open Recently Closed Tabs in Mobile Safari

If you are reading several sites in different tabs in Safari and accidentally closed one of them, then there is no need to panic right away. All you have to do is click the tab list button (the icon of the intersecting squares). After that, press the “+” button, and you will see a list of recently closed tabs that you can open again.

8) Use your keyboard as a trackpad

This is a great tip for those who frequently and continuously work with text or move the cursor. All you have to do is hold your finger on the space bar a little longer, and then you can use the keyboard space as you see fit.

9) Shoot fast video on the fly

When you open the Camera app, Photo mode is always selected first, but if you’re in a situation where you need to record a video as soon as possible, in this case, simply press and hold the white shutter button until it turns into red record button.

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