Things You Should Never Google for Security Reasons

Search engines are an infinite tool to find anything online, from the most interesting on the internet to the most dangerous. Be careful what you look for in them. Turning to Google when you don’t know something or need help has become a very common and convenient resource. However, it is not always the best option, although the search engines look like the new yellow pages, we must be very careful with how we use them.

Giants like Google are doing everything possible to eradicate fake news, hoaxes and scams that turn the internet into a very dangerous jungle for most users. Even if you think that this cannot happen to you, being a victim of a scam is the order of the day and the most confident have more ballots of falling into the trap. Doubting and being vigilant is one of the best security measures  and it is still not foolproof.

That is why when it comes to locating certain services or information, using search engines can be a bad idea. Although the first results seem to be reliable, it can be a misconception and it is preferable to go directly to the source, avoiding going through Google searches. These are the main situations in which Google can be more of a trap than a help.

Find customer service numbers

In the electricity bill, in information brochures, in the yellow pages, it used to be very easy to find a customer service number or a branch where to request information or help from a company. However, now it has become more complicated.

Companies like Amazon do not offer a phone number at a glance, instead chats and emails have been established to request information. For this reason, googling customer service numbers is a very bad idea, they are most likely fake.

Instead, the most advisable thing is to go directly to the source, that is, enter the official website of the company (https) and there give all the necessary turns until you find the place where you can request the information or contact with them. Some companies allow you to give your contacts so that they are the one who calls you.

Find technical support

The same happens with the technical support of each company, within their official websites you will find the section where you can request help . But it is not convenient to look for it through a search engine. This is a more frustrating process, especially in emergency situations when something has broken, but it is also safer.

It is even important to be clear that no company (not even banks) is going to call you or send you SMS or emails to inform you that there is a failure with your computer, mobile or washing machine. These bugs must be reported by you, so if you receive a message or call reporting a bug on behalf of a company and requesting your personal data or indicating that you download a program to solve it, rest assured that it is a scam.

Seek Official Aid

During the pandemic, this type of hoax has become popular. Hackers impersonate the Government and different institutions to steal data and give wrong information. By phone, through social networks or by mail, the sources from which phishing campaigns can reach are endless.

They take advantage of the fear and insecurity of people in the face of the health alert. Most of them will also take advantage of the employment situation of most people. For this reason, it is better not to search for this information on Google, but on the official websites of the relevant bodies.

Find professionals

A very comfortable market for cybercrime is the advertisements of professionals. Plumbers and electricians used to be advertised in the yellow pages. That method is very outdated right now because most people use the internet. To protect the user and facilitate their communication with professionals, platforms have been created where these freelancers can advertise. Look for highly-reputable platforms where you can find the professional you are looking for.

Search apps

You can find apps for everything, but not all are secure. Many of them hide codes that can endanger your security and steal the data on your phone. Some even imitate very popular applications to fool us.

For greater security it is better to use only the applications that are in official stores such as Apple Store, or Google Play Store , among others. These stores can also include dangerous applications. The good thing is their security and control systems are stronger. When they detect dangerous apps they are remove them from their catalog.

Find discount codes

Last but not least are the famous discounts. We all want to buy at the lowest possible price. However, this is one of the most common ways to fall into a trap. Use highly-reputable platforms that sell discount codes.

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