How to Generate a Link for a Text With Google Chrome

If you need to save a text or phrase that interests you and want to highlight that part of the entire web to send it to another person. We explain how to convert that phrase or fragment into a link in Google Chrome.

The Google browser has a little-known function that can be very useful at certain times. Imagine that you are looking for certain information and you find a long article in which they detail what you are looking for. You want to send someone else that reference without reading the entire text. 

For that other person to go directly to that section or paragraph where the information you were looking for is detailed, Google offers you the option of turning that section into a link to share or save. So you can find the necessary text faster. 

The problem with this function is that it is not activated for all users, so if you do not know it, it is difficult to find it. First, we will explain how to activate it and then how to use it. Although if you already have it installed, you can skip this first step. 

Activating the Function

To activate the function of copying the link of a text, you must go to the section of Chrome where the Google flags are stored. These are the experimental options that Google integrates into the final versions of Chrome so that developers and the general public can experiment with them and test their stability.

Copy this url(chrome: // flags) without the parentheses and paste it into the Chrome address bar. Once inside, you will see a search bar where you must type Copy Link to Text. The function will appear, and you must check the Enabled option to activate it in your browser. Then finish this step by clicking on the Relaunch button below.

It is now active, everything ready for you to start experimenting with it. 

Generating the Link

Open any page with Google and select a phrase, paragraph, or text that interests you, as if you were going to copy it. Now click on the right mouse button and look for the option ” Copy link to highlighted text. “

Although nothing happens, you already have the url address pasted in the clipboard. You just have to go again to the section in Chrome’s url and paste it (Ctrl + V). You will see that a link appears and the same page opens but with the text you chose highlighted in yellow. 

In this way, if you send the link to that person when you open it, that section will be loaded directly, and they will quickly see the information. They will not have to read all the text until they find what you wanted to show them. It is a more efficient way to share or save data

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