The Best Soccer Game Apps for Android

Soccer is one sport that gathers the most fans around the world. If you like football, at some point you will play a game at Pro or FIFA on the video console. But you know what? Soccer games for mobile phones also have their charm, and they only get better year after year.

The good thing about Android is that in addition to being able to have fun with the odd decent soccer game, there are also a few interesting apps available for lovers of the beautiful game. Next, we review some of the most outstanding ones.eFootbal PES 2021

eFootball PES 2021

Konami has decided to rebrand Pro Evolution Soccer and simply call it eFootball. However, it is not a merely aesthetic change. The new eFootball changes the concept towards an “open” game and in constant evolution that will be enriched with new content each new season.

The truth is that on a graphical level it is quite satisfactory, with detailed graphics and good playability. It allows you to play with a wide variety of prestigious European clubs with official licenses, and it also has online games and some interesting modes such as “iconic moment series” with which you relive the superstar races of the past. One of the most popular mobile soccer games, with more than 100 million downloads.

Download eFootball PES 2021

FIFA Soccer

Like Konami’s title, FIFA stands out above the rest thanks to its more than 100 million installations on Android. Here, you will find the best leagues and the best teams, with more than 50,000 official players. Play the Premier League, LaLiga and the Bundesliga, among others, as well as the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League.

FIFA Soccer also has online events related to real world tournaments, which makes it a lot more fun. There are weekly leaderboards to compete with other players, weekly challenges and even 11v11 matches in real time.

Download FIFA Soccer

Dream League Soccer 2022

The third great soccer game for Android. DLS is a game oriented to raw gameplay with a mechanic that consists of creating the soccer team of your dreams. With this “Dream Team,” you will have to play and win games to move up in the 8 divisions until you reach the elite.

The graphics are quite good, with scenes captured with a 3D motion camera for greater realism in movements. Another interesting detail is that at the beginning your players will not have very good statistics, but you can improve them until they become superstars.

Download Dream League Soccer 2022

Football strike

This is an Android soccer game that has a very strong arcade flavor. Instead of playing full games, what you will do in Football Strike is take penalties and free kicks on goal.

It has two game modes: one in which you face your friends in elimination free kicks, and another “Professional career” mode where you visit different stadiums around the world. Requires internet connection to play.

Download Football Strike

Toon Cup 2021

If you like cartoons and are looking for a slightly more casual soccer game, don’t lose sight of Toon Cup. Control some of the Cartoon Network characters, such as Robin and Wonder Woman, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls and others, in funniest matches.

Although at first, it may seem a bit childish, the truth is that it is very careful and can even be addictive.

Download Toon Cup 2021

score!hero 2022 soccer game for androidScore! Hero 2022

Most soccer games tend to have a horizontal layout. In the case of Score! Hero, things change since the games are played vertically. The title has been developed by First Touch Games, the same creators of Dream League Soccer.

On a technical level, it’s a competent game, with great playability and more than 90 officially licensed teams.

Download Score!Hero 2022

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