How to Play Google Pinball Game

Google not only dedicates its efforts to developing applications of all kinds that help us in our day-to-day life. From time to time, they surprise us with initiatives like the one we are going to talk about now. It is a “secret” pinball. We tell you how to play.

Playing Google Pinball

During the Google I/O celebration, the giant tech company released an online game based on the old pinball or pinball machines developed to show the latest advances in its technologies such as Flutter and Firebase. To access Google Pinball through the Internet browser, click here.

Step by Step Guide on How to Play Google Pinball

  • After clicking on the “ Play ” button, the next step is to select one of the four available characters between Dash, Sparky, the Android droid, or dino, the well-known Google dinosaur.
  • After choosing a character and clicking continue, in a floating window, you will see the controls that you must use to start playing.
  • Just like in a real machine, you must launch the ball and use the Flippers to propel it and make it roll around the board.
  • A board in which the physics has been reduced to achieve a higher score since if you compare the speed of the ball with the real speed of a pinball ball, it is considerably lower.
  • Wait for the right moment to hit the ball and direct it through the different ramps and hit the targets scattered around your table.
  • Get bonus points by completing the Word Google in the center of the board.
  • You need a combination of speed and skill to complete the board to get the highest score.
  • A game that you can play both through the computer using the keys to control the Flipper and all its functions. Or from the mobile phone using the screen itself where you find the touch controls to handle it.

More About the Game

With this game, Google wanted to give a sample of the work done with a 2D engine but with a 3D appearance built on Flutter and in which functions such as collision detection, animations, or the principles of physics are used to bring the game to life. In addition, from the puncture table, you can see the results obtained by the players around the world and in real time. Every time a player finishes a game, if the result is among the top five, it will appear on the pinball screen and be visible to all players.

Scores can also be shared via Twitter and Facebook and see who is the best virtual pinball player. The best way that Google has found to show all the possibilities offered by its new tools and the results that can be obtained by using them to create new applications or games. This is a small sample of everything that has been revealed during this year’s Google I/O, where Android 13, the new Pixel phones, and other new features in applications such as Google Maps have also been presented.

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