So You Can Know How Many People Have Blocked You from WhatsApp

For many years WhatsApp has managed to connect many people with friends, family, and school or work colleagues. Day by day the platform works on new updates and improvements for the platform, even to safeguard the security and privacy of users. This is how there is the possibility of blocking a person with whom you do not want to chat.

How to block someone on WhatsApp?

To block someone from WhatsApp you don’t need any external app, you just have to follow a couple of steps and that user will no longer be able to see your Status , if you are online, your last connection, and your profile picture. In addition, he will not be able to contact you through messages or calls.

1. Open WhatsApp and click on the three-dot menu.
2. Select the Settings option.
3. Go to Account, then to privacy, and finally to Blocked contacts.
4. Tap the Add option, find and select the contact you want to block.

Another option is to do it directly from the chat in question that you want to block.

1. Open the chat of that contact and click on the menu with three dots.
2. Go to More and then click on the Block option. Or, Block and Report.

How do I know if someone has blocked me?

When you block someone from WhatsApp, the app does not notify that person, so they may not be aware of it instantly. However, if you suspect that perhaps someone has blocked you, some indications will help you confirm it:

– When entering the chat you will not see the “Online” of that person.
– When you send a text or audio message, the double-check or blue popcorn may not appear, nor is it observed that you have read it.
– Another great indicator that you have been blocked is that when you try to make a call, it will simply not be possible, it will only remain ringing without answering.
– You will not be able to see its description, much less its States.
– Finally, the profile photo will not appear either, even your username may disappear.

How do I know how many people have blocked me?

The truth is that WhatsApp does not have a tool that allows you to see exactly the number of people who have blocked you, this for security and privacy reasons.

But there is an alternative called WhatsTracker, a completely secure app available on Google Play that allows you to see who has seen your profile picture, your statuses, and some information about your account.WhatsApp Tracker

What is possible to view through WhatsApp is the number of people you have blocked, through the Account and Blocked Contacts menu; the complete list of numbers will appear here and you have the opportunity to unlock them at any time.

As you may have noticed, WhatsApp has many functions with regard to blocking contacts. A tool that you can use to prevent people from contacting you and protect your information. In addition, this is how you take advantage of the fact that you have unlimited social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat, to make any type of adjustments from the app.

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