How to Create a Virtual Number for WhatsApp

The main purpose of virtual number services is to provide an address to which you can receive SMS, without having a new SIM purchased in the store. But not only: some of the services we will talk about allow you, in fact, to use the number on Whatsapp or Telegram, allowing you to send messages from numbers different from yours (obviously pay attention to what you do here because anonymous activities are often effectively monitored and you could get into trouble if you don’t use them responsibly).

In this article, we will answer a couple of such questions :

  1. How to create a virtual number?
  2. How to create a WhatsApp or Telegram account with a virtual phone number?

Create a virtual number by installing the Talkatone app

With Talkatone, it is possible to send and receive SMS on a virtual number, which will be generated thanks to this handy app. In this case, it is also possible to use it to send SMS abroad (for example to Canada) at no additional cost, and in general, just connect it to your Facebook account to start using it. The fact that the virtual numbers are linked to a FB account, however, obviously makes the app less anonymizing than it might seem at first glance. But for the classic SMS abroad to relatives and friends, it might be a good idea.

The service seems to work even if some users, recently, seem to have complained that something is not working properly and that the SMS does not actually start.

Download the Android App: Talkatone

Create a virtual number by installing the Hushed app

Hushed is one of the most popular providers of disposable numbers, which you can safely use for verifying a Telegram or WhatsApp account. It costs $ 1.99 per number (the virtual number will have a nationality profile of 44 different states) and includes 20 minutes of calls, 7 days of life and up to 60 SMS messages.

There is a version of the app for Android – and also for iOS if you want. The service seems to be working, at least from what we see in the comments on the store.

Download the Android App: Hushed

Download the iPhone App: Hushed

Create a virtual number with

This is one of the few virtual number creation services that still seems to work. Basically, it is a list of temporary phone numbers, shared with other users who are themselves anonymous: this means that SMS that you send to these numbers will in fact be shared publicly.

So, clearly, the use for which this service is designed is to receive the SMS confirming access to various services, in case you do not want to give your personal number (since many services then abuse this information to spam us or have unscrupulous call centers call you, probably).create a virtual Number for WhatsApp

Here is the detail of the various shared numbers that are currently visible from the site: these are mainly confirmation messages from Instagram and Facebook accounts, and on some online gaming sites. All messages are public, but then you can use that number to receive the confirmation SMS and then copy the OTP code so that you can use the service without giving up your number.

The lists of fake numbers in question can in theory also be used to confirm a Whatsapp account: the problem, in this case, is that you do not have physical possession of the phone, so if someone were to do the same thing on that number you could lose the virtual number control. In other cases, it is possible that those numbers are banned from Telegram or Whatsapp and it is not allowed to use them, not to mention that even here anyone can read the messages previously sent to that number.


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