PlayStation 5: Everything You Need to Know About the Console

After months of rumors, Sony has finally released the latest information regarding its next console, the PlayStation 5. The Japanese brand held this Wednesday, September 16 a long-awaited conference to unveil images of the first games that will be present on the machine, and especially the selling price of the console as well as its release date.

2 prices, 2 consoles

As announced last June, the PlayStation 5 will be released in two different versions and that will matter in terms of price. There will be the Digital Edition, which favors games in dematerialized version and is not equipped with a 4K Blu-ray player, which will be marketed at a price of 399.99 euros. It’s 100 euros more than the equivalent at Microsoft, the Xbox Series S. This will therefore imply buying all the games on the PlayStation Store, and not being able to resell them in specialized stores as is the case when you have a game with its case. The classic edition of the Playstation 5, well and truly equipped with a Blu-ray player, will be offered at 499.99 euros. It is slightly below expectations, some having predicted that its price could approach 600 euros. This is ultimately not the case and that’s pretty good news for video game enthusiasts.

Another important information about accessories: if one controller is not enough for you, the DualSense will be sold individually for 69.99 euros. The charging station for the controllers will be offered at 29.99 euros and the wireless headphones, the Pulse 3D, at 99.99 euros. Finally, for people wishing to film themselves while playing (enough to launch a career as a streamer on Twitch), an HD camera with a resolution of 1080p will be on sale at 59.99 euros.

PlayStation 5 prices

A Release Date and Pre-orders Already Available

In the wake of the announcement of the award, Sony also took the opportunity to unveil the release date of the PlayStation 5. While Microsoft will market the Xbox Series X on November 10, PlayStation fans will have to wait until the 19th. November (a Thursday) to get this new console.

The most impatient rushed to the first pre-orders of the PlayStation 5, available on certain shopping sites (Fnac, Micromania, CDiscount), but out of stock have already been announced. The battle to acquire a console from the first days of its release should be tough.

The New version of PlayStation Plus

In addition to the announcements concerning the PlayStation 5, Sony has unveiled other very interesting information on the future of the services offered to players, in particular the PlayStation Plus, the subscription allowing access to a catalog of games for 59.99 euros per year. The Japanese manufacturer has nevertheless just hit a big cost since it has decided to strengthen this offer with the PlayStation Plus Collection, a selection of PS4 games that will be available from the launch of the PS5.

Among the titles that will be offered, we note the presence of God of War, Final Fantasy XV, The Last of Us: Remastered, or Uncharted 4. For those who did not have the console, it is a godsend not to be missed given the quality of the titles offered. It is not yet known if the subscription price will remain the same with this new catalog but it should be a new attractive argument for those who were hesitant to acquire the PlayStation 5.

New Images for Future PlayStation 5 games

And because all of this information might not be enough to make your mouth water, Sony has revealed new images of the games that will be available on the console, upon launch or in the months following. The most anticipated game, Final Fantasy XVI from Square Enix Studios, did not disappoint with its first images, although it remains without a release date for the moment.

A new and very enticing video game linked to the Harry Potter universe, Hogwarts Legacy, has also been unveiled. Its release is announced for 2021. The remake of the game Demon’s Soulshas also left an excellent impression with the players with sublime images and levels which promise to be particularly difficult. Good news: it will be available from the release of PlayStation 5. Other games have benefited from new images, including Fortnite, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, or Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


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