My Washing Machine Does Not Spin Well: Problems and Solutions

Sometimes the washing machine starts to wring out not too efficiently – and even completely stops doing it. To solve the problem, you should first understand its causes, and only then fix the problem yourself or contact the service. 

If after a full wash cycle you get not well wrung out laundry, but heavy and damp, do not rush to contact the service. Problems with spinning can be solved independently. We tell you how.

Washing machine problems that you can solve on your own 

There are several problems that washing machine users can solve on their own, without calling experts. 

  • Wrong program selection. Most washing machines have modes with no spinning of clothes. Among them are “gentle washing”, “silk washing” or “wool”. To be sure of the causes of the problem, familiarity with the instructions for the technique will help. And it is solved with minimal effort – by choosing another program or turning on an additional spin mode after the wash is completed. 
  • Exceeding the recommended weight that can be loaded into the drum. Each washing machine has its own load limit – 4, 5, 6, and sometimes even 8 or more kilograms. If you load more things, the equipment may start up and even start washing – but you should not count on a normal spin. Try loading less laundry next time you wash. 
  • Drum imbalance. The cause of the problem is the opposite of the previous one because it is associated with insufficient weight for normal washing. The laundry is bunched up, the drum cannot spin normally. Things should be manually evenly distributed throughout the chamber and a few more items added. 
  • Remaining water in the drum. Due to the liquid that has not been drained, it will not be possible to gain sufficient speed for spinning. Water may not drain due to a clogged drain filter, hose, or fitting. If the problem cannot be fixed by running, if it was not possible to eliminate the cause of the appearance of liquid in the drum, you still have to contact the service.washing machine does not spin fix

Foreign objects

Another common cause is foreign objects that got into the washing machine. The sounds that will come from the space between the drum and the tank will help determine this. Items will have to be removed, but even better – do not allow them to fall into the washer. Especially if children’s things are being washed, you should definitely check the pockets for keys, coins and even food. All this can disrupt the operation of the washing machine.

Issues that need to be addressed by your repair service

If you didn’t manage to figure it out on your own and have problems with spinning, you have to contact specialists. The most common problems are usually associated with failed sensors or an electronic module. Less commonly, a broken motor or pump is to blame.

Sensors failure

The most common reason for the impossibility of a normal spin is a broken tachometer. The task of such a device is to control the speed of rotation of the drum. If it fails, the speed may not be set correctly, causing the machine to spin much worse than usual. Checking the speed of rotation of the drum helps to make sure there is a problem. And the solution is a complete replacement of the sensor, which must be performed by the masters. my washing machine does not spin fix

The pressure switch, a sensor that determines the level of liquid in the drum, may also fail. While the device is operating normally, the data it collects is sent to the control module. If the pressure switch is broken, the data will be unreliable. The control unit reacts incorrectly to the situation and does not start spinning (as well as another program or mode). The solution is, again, the replacement of the sensor by specialists.

Problems with the electronic module 

The cause of incorrect spinning or its complete absence may be a breakdown of the control module. The problem is related to the incorrect operation of the programmer, which cannot issue the command that starts the spin cycle.

There are two ways to solve this. The first is flashing the module. The second is to replace the device. And although it is much cheaper to flash the electronic unit, this possibility does not always exist. This is why you will have to pay for a replacement of 25% or more of the cost of the equipment itself. 

Pump or motor problems 

The machine stops spinning when the drain pump fails. Such a device often burns out, requiring not repair, but a complete replacement. If the faulty pump is not replaced, the water will not drain from the drum into the sewer, the drum will not rotate, and things will not be wrung out. 

Spinning does not occur even in cases where the engine has broken down. But then the washing machine, in principle, will not work, and not just do not wring out. The motor is located under the body, so even its diagnostics should be carried out by specialists.

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