Hoverboard VS Electric Scooters: Which One Should You Buy?

In recent years, many alternative means of transport have been introduced to the market, such as electric scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards, etc. However, some of them have a longer history: electric scooters.

Electric scooters could be considered as a modern evolutionary successor to the kickscooter, with the difference that it is powered by an electric motor.

Hoverboards, on the other hand, are defined as self-balancing scooters which are also moved by an electric force. Their motors are installed inside each wheel. These scooters have a gyroscope and an acceleration sensor that makes them move forward or backward and change direction.

At first glance, the electric hoverboard looks much more attractive and elegant, thanks to the innovative design, but both vehicles have some advantages and disadvantages to consider, especially if you need a vehicle for your commute or a trip long distance.


These scooters are contemporary and designed to meet the needs of the users, so they are both really easy to use. The disadvantage of the hoverboard is that at first, you need more time to practice because the balance of the body position is the key to its maneuvers.

Referring to children, hoverboards are more difficult to use due to the balance they require. This is why they are not recommended for them. If you want to make your child happy and at the same time keep him safe, choose an electric scooter.hoverboard


When it comes to user comfort, it is very important that you can easily transport and store your scooter or hoverboard. This mainly depends on its size.

Hoverboards are relatively small and light, their weight is around 10 kg.

Electric scooters are larger, but their design makes it easy to fold them, which reduces size and meets comfort requirements.

Battery life

Distance is an important factor, especially when using the Electric scooter frequently. It is determined by the battery capacity.

Both types of scooters are powered by a lithium battery, although the range of the hoverboards is shorter. Most hoverboards have a range of 10-20km. Electric scooters, on the other hand, are available in different models. They come with different technical characteristics that allow them to have greater travel autonomy.


The speed factor depends on the regulations in each state, city, country, etc. In many countries, the speed limit is 25 km/h. Most hoverboards can only reach up to 15km/h, while electric scooters can reach a higher level of speed.

The speed depends not only on the power of the engine but also on the terrain. The design of the hoverboards does not allow you to drive them on a bumpy road. Instead, you can only drive them on a flat surface with no imperfections. The slope of the road can make you lose your balance, so much so that you fall easily.

Electric scooters, on the other hand, can also be driven on rough roads thanks to their structure, which is more solid and safe. In addition, there are models with larger tires and a better absorption system, such as those of the X Series, which absorb road irregularities and guarantee you a safe ride.electric scooters


Safety is probably the most important factor when it comes to transportation.

Previous cases show that hoverboards can explode due to the battery tending to overheat easily. Furthermore, due to their structure, people lose their balance and fall more easily. The electric scooter has a greater margin and its structure is much more stable and solid.

The final decision as to which type of scooter is best is yours. From these results, we can tell the electric scooter is safer than the hoverboard and you can use it for longer trips. It can also reach a higher speed level (again according to the regulations on speed limits). If you need a means of transport in your daily routine, regardless of whether you have to go to work or just go for a “walk”, the electric scooter is more durable and reliable.

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