LANDrop: An Application to Share Files on a LAN

If you have multiple computers at home, you’ve probably shared files between devices more than once. If you work in a small office, then there is no doubt that you will constantly be sharing files, from the cloud, via email, or using a local server.

LANDrop is a free and open-source program designed to facilitate the transfer of files between connected devices on the same LAN or local network. It is a cross-platform application, with versions available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS.

The program uses your local network to send and receive files, so the transfer is done without speed limits. It is not necessary to have an Internet outlet. You can use it even offline when your connection is down.

How to send files on a LAN with LANDrop

The operation of the tool is one of its most positive points. It is a portable program, so it is not necessary to install it permanently. It is enough to download the package from its official website, unzip the application’s ZIP, and open the executable file that you will find inside.

  • Once the application is open, you have to drag the files you want to send into the window and click on “Send”.
  • Then a new window will open with all the available computers connected to the network. For a device to appear in the list, it must also have the LANDrop application installed.
  • Select the target device and click on the “Send” button.

A message will appear on the destination computer. Accept it to download all the files automatically—that easy. For greater security, LANDrop will also display a numeric code on the screen that must be the same on both devices.

LANDrop does not compress images or videos, so it can be a good alternative to other tools such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which compress this type of multimedia files.

Another additional feature of this interesting program is that all files are sent encrypted, so you can be sure that no one can see the files you share.

A very simple application without many frills, but it can be very useful in certain homes and work environments.

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