Is It Bad to Force Close Apps on Android?

You unlock your phone, display the list of windows with all the apps and games you have open in the background, and close all the apps. This is what is known as “force closing” applications.

There is a kind of myth that says that closing an app in this way helps you save battery and makes your phone fast. However, the truth is that you are facing a bad habit or a rather undesirable habit.

Why shouldn’t I force close an app?

The first thing we have to say in this regard is that you are not performing a total closure by closing the apps from the Android navigation bar. Even if you close the main app, some processes may remain open in the background. Therefore, although the device will consume a little less battery, there will still be resources “sucking from the jar” in the backroom of your phone.

And not only that. Forcing an app that is already open to close normally usually has the opposite effect. Battery management is one of the most important sections of mobile devices, and in the case of Android, this is an issue that developers have been working on for years to optimize its performance.

To give us an idea, today, the system is so optimized that having an app open in the background consumes very little battery. In fact, if you close an app and reopen it, the energy consumption will be higher than if you have it open in the background along with the rest of the apps until you decide to use it again.

The performance may improve a bit after closing all the apps, but once you open the app again, the system will have to reload all the necessary resources for it to run correctly. All of this charging comes with such significant battery drain that it makes forcing the lock just not worth it.

When Should You Force Close Apps on Android?

Anyway, although the forced closing does not make much sense when it comes to saving battery, it can be very useful in other areas. For example, when an app malfunctions, closes unexpectedly or exhibits erratic behavior.

In these cases, forcing the application to close will restart all the services and processes associated with the app. In general, it will help correct any specific problem with the application without having to restart the phone or reinstall the application app.

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