How to Download Paid Apps for iPhone and iPad for Free

Apple has made significant contributions to the development of the smartphone market, including the creation of the first app store. The App Store is now the core of the company’s ecosystem, generating over $ 60 billion a year in revenue. That being said, the tech giant strictly controls the content posted on the firm’s online store. This differs significantly from Android, which gives more freedom to programmers.

Apple’s conservative policy is often criticized by developers, but it is an important element of App Store security. However, iPhone owners also have the option of using third-party stores to install software, but compared to Android, there aren’t that many of them. But there, users can download unique applications that are not in the App Store. By the way, on some resources, you can download premium iOS software for free. It will work for a while in trial mode.

Platforms to Download Premium App Store Apps for Free

If you are interested in this information, take a look at these stores:

For example, on the AppAdvice platform, you can see which paid applications you can download completely free of charge. You can also find out when there will be a promotion for similar programs in the App Store. There is a list with current offers. AppBump lets you choose mobile apps that you think are too expensive and vote on them. Members of the AppAdvice community can join your initiative to launch a price reduction campaign. The main task of this “plebiscite” is to collect a sufficient number of votes.

Of course, the success of the event depends on the specific developer. Would he even want to respond to the vote and lower his prices? But for many users, this is a real way to test interesting iPhone apps while saving their money.

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