How to Tell the Exact Location of a Contact Using WhatsApp

There are some very effective tricks to know the exact location of any of your contacts through WhatsApp.

There are times when you may need to know the location of another person, but contacting them may prove difficult, leading to fears they may be in danger. Obtaining this information is possible through WhatsApp.

You must bear in mind that these methods should only be used in emergencies; otherwise, they could represent a violation of the privacy of other people.

Through WhatsApp Web

As the first trick is done through WhatsApp Web and a PC browser, you need to have a computer handy and follow these steps:

1. You should open WhatsApp Web then close the rest of the browser tabs running in the background. You should have a small conversation with the person or contact you want to get their location from.

2. Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del.

3. Press Win + R, this will open the Run function. In the field type “cmd” and press Enter.

4. A command prompt will appear, type “netstat-an” and enter. This way you will get the IP address of that person.

5. Enter the site, key in the IP address that you just obtained and a location very close to that of the person you are looking for will appear.


With this trick, you will get more information about the person, such as the type of connection they use, their exact location, and the distance from your exact point.

To obtain it you must:

1. Access the IPLogger page and select the Location Locator option (located at the bottom).

2. Choose to get code from IPLogger and then accept the Privacy Policy together with the Terms and Conditions.

3. Once inside, copy the link to IPLogger before sending it in a chat to the person you wish to locate.

4. When the person clicks and opens the link, you will see their location in the registered IPs section.

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