What is WhatsApp Aero?

WhatsApp has had several unofficial versions throughout its history, such as the Delta version, which has improved some aspects that the official app has never dared to introduce. The problem with these applications is that most of them are not approved by WhatsApp and can pose a danger to our security.

Even so, today we show you WhatsApp Aero, the new unofficial version of WhatsApp that allows you to design the interface and is safe by not storing any of the data and providing end-to-end encryption.

The features of WhatsApp Aero

The most attractive function of WhatsApp Aero is that it allows you to modify the application interface as you wish, changing colors, themes…

In addition, it has included advances such as hiding the blue tick, the “online” status, ” recording… ” or ” writing… , as well as being able to lock or hide your chats with a password.

As for the transfer of files, the application has a greater offer of formats that you can send in your chats.

How to install WhatsApp Aero

The first thing you should know is that since it is an unofficial app, it is not available in the App Store or Google Play. To get hold of it, you must download the APK file from the official website. Another drawback is that the app is only available for Android devices and whose version is higher than 4.0.

Also, this app is not compatible with the official one. All the content you send through one will not be reflected in the other, since they do not work simultaneously.

Lastly, WhatsApp has a very strong law against unofficial apps. Although Aero has an anti-ban systemWhatsApp could suspend your account for 72 hours if it detects the use of this ‘mod’. It could even go further, if after that first ban it observes that you continue with the active account, it could sanction your phone number permanently.

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