How to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Account?

Facebook is a social network that is very successful with more than two billion users. By intercepting communications between users, you can gather important information. And Facebook itself is also the first beneficiary! So, it can make you spy on someone’s Facebook messages for several reasons. However, it will be necessary to find the right method upstream.

Why might you decide to spy on someone else’s Facebook?

Spying on a Facebook account is an increasingly common practice. However, this practice is not legal and is far from acceptable. Nevertheless, there may be good reasons for doing so. First, you can spy on someone on Facebook to get an idea of ​​what they are doing during the hours they are online.

Thus, it will be important as a parent, for example, to spy on a child to:

  • Make sure he is not under pressure from sexual predators.
  • Ensure he is not being bullied.
  • Make sure he doesn’t bully his comrades either.

Some will spy on their partner’s Facebook account to verify their loyalty. In case of deception, they will have the necessary evidence to explain themselves. Likewise, business leaders check the loyalty of their employees to identify those who sell business information to their competitors. All the reasons seem valid for those who practice them, but it is up to each one to have a good conscience, rules of conduct, and ethics. This is a whole different subject and it is not the point!How to spy a Facebook account

What methods do other users suggest?

To spy on Facebook account, the best methods to use include:

Via the forgot password function

If you were to spy on a Facebook account, the first method is to gain access to it using the “Forgot Password” option. To do this, you must specify how you expect to receive the password. It can therefore be by text or email.

As you will understand, you must also have physical access to the target’s phone. It is therefore a method that has its limits, although effective.

Spying on someone on Facebook using phishing

If it is not possible to have physical access to a phone, it is possible to resort to phishing. Indeed, it is a process by which the target is deceived by messages containing false allegations. For this, an email with a link is sent to the victim. However, it is always accompanied by a false message, designed to get the victim to click on the link.

Then, the link will redirect the victim to a site where they will enter personal information. In the case of Facebook account spying, hackers use software that includes a keylogger.

As a result, your identifiers are recorded giving them access to your account. The downside to this method is that you need to have advanced technical knowledge, which is not easy for everyone.

Social engineering

Social engineering is the set of methods by which a target can be deceived. For this, the one who is hiding behind the maneuver is actually passing himself off as someone he is not. Thus, he can pretend to be a relative to have personal information about the target. This method may not be effective in the sense that targets will generally be wary.

Why use mSpy to spy on Facebook?

If you are wondering how to spy on a Facebook account more effectively, mSpy will be the right option for several reasons.mSpy app


To carry out a good espionage, it is first necessary to act so that the target does not suspect a thing. If there is any suspicion, she could take steps to make her follow-up a little more difficult.

So unlike some spyware, mSpy leaves no trace after installation. In addition, the software does not require the authorization of the person being spied on for a location as is the case with some applications.

Utilization facility

Among the spy applications with the wind in their sails, mSpy is the spyware for Facebook that stands out for its ease of use. Indeed, it will not be necessary to have advanced knowledge. Even if you need physical access to the target phone, a few minutes will be enough.


With mSpy software, you will enjoy 25 tracking features. You will therefore be able to access messages even if they are deleted. Also, you will be able to consult all the media exchanged during the conversations.

In reality, mSpy is software that can be used to perform real-time monitoring. For that, it embeds a Keylogger which makes it possible to record all the keystrokes made by the targeted person.

Besides letting you spy on someone’s Facebook messages, it is also possible to have remote access to all other social networks. It is an app that will provide you with all the information you need.


The classic methods that can allow you to spy on a Facebook account sometimes have shortcomings. To thus benefit from an optimal follow-up, mSpy is presented as the best alternative. This software has around 25 tracking features and stands out for its ease of use. Even though it’s paid, you get a 7-day free trial.

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