How to Set Up VPN on Samsung TV

The world of cinema fascinates everyone without exception, but TV programs offer the same films, scrolling through them in a kind of carousel. It would seem that Smart TV becomes an excellent way out of the situation, however, not everything is so simple. For example, Samsung Smart TV guarantees excellent picture quality, a wide range of video streaming options and many smart features. However, it is not possible to use the offered services in full and watch the programs, shows and films you like due to a number of prohibitions and blockings.

We will teach you how to bypass Samsung smart TV blocking. It is enough to install a special application, and you can get real access to all the multimedia programs on smart TV.

Features of the connection algorithm

In order to get unlimited access to the unlimited possibilities of the Internet and watch movies and programs in HD quality at high speed without breaking connections, first of all, you need to order from a reliable VPN provider with a trial period. Then you should install a VPN for Samsung smart TV. This can be done in several ways.

Through a router

You will need to find its IP address. If you are using a Windows device, you will need to find the command column, where to write the ipconfig code and click Enter. The system will transfer you to the “Default Gateway” – it means that you have reached the goal. This is the IP of your router.

In order to find the desired address on Mac, you will have to overcome a longer path through the system settings:

  • Go to “Network” > Additional options.

Then TCP/IP will open – the goal is achieved. The following steps are identical for both systems. It will be necessary to set the found IP address in the browser, after which the entrance to the router interface opens. It remains to set it up and calmly choose the best of the offers, without fear of blocking and tracking.

How to enable VPN on Samsung TV using PC via Wi-Fi

We will use a server located in a country with open access to the video of interest. In the Windows settings, you should find a section about sharing connections. Your Wi-Fi network should be listed here. The task is to open access to the network to other devices. Connect the hotspot and Samsung Smart TV. That’s all. There will be no more restrictions and prohibitions.

Setting up a VPN for a Samsung TV that uses the Android OS is much easier. You need to go to the Play Store application, enter the name of our company’s VPN in the search bar and complete the installation using the prompts that appear. Now no restrictions will annoy.

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