5 Tips to Protect Your Privacy on the Internet

You can never be too careful on the Internet! Your communications, location, or even online purchases are not secure by default… Here are 5 tips to better protect your data and your privacy on the web!

1. Choose complex passwords

Choose a series of fairly complex letters, numbers, and symbols (password generators exist online). Avoid simplistic passwords, and avoid choosing the same password on several sites. Finally, change it several times a year!

2. Use two-factor authentication

Double authentication (by SMS or email in addition to the password) is preferred, if available, especially on large accounts. In addition, the website will warn you (most often by SMS) if a connection attempt has just been made on your account, which will double your security.

3. Control social networks

On your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, don’t forget to manage your privacy settings on social networks! This is an important precaution, as profiles are made public by default. Prioritize sharing in your circles of friends, sort through your “contacts”. If something infringes on your privacy, do not hesitate to take proper measures. Never give out a phone number or address.

4. Validate or block cookies

Cookies are files collected and saved when you browse websites. They make it possible to cache valuable information related to your connection (location, machine, products consulted, etc.) to offer you targeted advertising. So remember to regularly delete your browser’s cache and history so that they are cleared.how to protect your privacy on the web

5. Encrypt sensitive documents

Encrypting your personal documents is a good solution. Don’t forget that by publishing on the many Clouds available (iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.) your data is not completely protected. Software, such as 7-Zip, makes it possible, for example, to encrypt them and therefore protect them.

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