How to See Who is Knocking Your Door on Your TV with Fire Stick

Amazon Smart Display and Speakers aren’t the only devices you can program routines for. You can also program your media players to perform actions automatically or on a scheduled basis. With this routine, you can see who is knocking on the door.

So you can see on your TV who is knocking at the door?

One of the advantages of routines is that you can easily program them to make use of your devices without having to ask Alexa to do it through voice commands. In addition to the interaction of various devices in your digital home, as is the case with the routine that we propose below through which you can see who is ringing the bell or knocking on the door on your TV while we watch your favorite program.

It is routine you can only carry it out if among your gadgets you have a compatible doorbell such as Ring smart doorbells and a Fire Stick or your television is compatible with this function.

Program the routine following these steps:

  • As always when you program a routine, you have to use the Alexa app installed on your phone and touch the icon in the lower right corner of the screen with the three lines.
  • Once you access the options, click on to see who is knocking on your door on your TV with Fire Stick
  • Start by clicking on the “more” in the upper right corner to start a new routine.
  • The first thing is to assign the name with which you will identify it, for example, “knock on the door”How to See Who is Knocking Your Door on Your TV with Fire Stick
  • Next, choose the activator, which this time is the doorbell, and click on “when” to access the options.
  • Among the available ones, you will find “digital home” where you can select your doorbell. And again the “chime” option. This way, when someone presses the button the action will start.Alexa doorbell on TV
  • Once the initiator is selected, it is time to include the actions. Click on ” add action” to access the list.
  • Click on custom to add the command, this time, “Alexa, talk to the front door”
  • At the bottom, you can choose the device on which the images from the doorbell camera will be displayed in real time, also having the option of activating the microphone and answering the call without getting up from the chair.


If at that moment you are sitting in front of the television and a visitor presses the bell button, you have the options:

  • not to answer after seeing who it is,
  • to attend to him through the microphone or,
  • get up to open the door to our visitor.

You can stop the playback of the content you are enjoying and resume playback once you are done. A simple way of not missing out on what is happening at all times at the door of your house. A routine that could be completed with the use of an intelligent lock compatible with this system, so that you can automatically open the door if you want to let your visitor in without moving from the chair and without having to get up.

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