How to Request iPhone, iPad and Mac App Store Refund

On the iPhone, iPad, and Mac App Store, the number of products to purchase is very high, and the “circulation” in purchase or download of the app is very high. For this reason, someone may have the need or the desire for a refund of an application. Many readers have asked us in the past how to proceed to “get my money back.” Over time, Apple has radically changed the tools for requesting various refunds. Here’s what it’s like to ask Apple for a refund.

First of all, take a look at Apple’s terms and conditions for requesting a refund, noting that Apple may reject a refund request if they identify evidence of fraud, abuse of refunds, or other manipulative behavior that allows them to advance a dispute.

For this reason, don’t think you can download games and apps, benefit from them, and later request a refund. Apple discourages such behavior.

How to ask for a refund

One of the easiest ways to request a refund is to start from the Invoice that Apple sends after each purchase to your email address, which also has your Apple ID. Within this invoice, in addition to the data on the purchase made, there is also a link to “report a problem.”request a refund from Apple App Store

Apple will take a few days to return an answer and, if there is total good faith on the part of the user, rest assured that they will rebate the amount paid.

Another way to request a refund is to visit the Apple reportaproblem page from any web browser. By clicking on the address, after entering your Apple credentials, the list of all the apps and games or services purchased by Apple will open, with the possibility, for each purchase, to report a problem. Just like above, you can talk to Apple and submit a refund request.

In either case, after completing any of the procedures, Apple Support will evaluate the refund request. There is no guarantee that there will be a positive response and almost certainly, the occurrence will be negative if the motivation is linked to futile reasons. You should be very precise and detailed in the refund request. Make sure you have solid reasons to ask for the money back.

If Apple considers that it is evaluating your claim positively, you will receive an email message announcing the rebate.

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