How to Add Multiple AirPlay 2 Destinations for Audio Streaming to iPhone or iPad

As early as 2018, Apple launched the new AirPlay 2 standard for audio and video streaming transmission. This made it possible to choose multiple simultaneous destinations during playback. Recently, Apple changed the way you can activate multiple sources at the same time. Here’s how to do it.

If previously AirPlay 2 compatible devices originally appeared in the list of available destinations with a circle to the right of their name, something has changed since 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2.

Starting with this system version, Apple has added an automatic grouping system for AirPlay 2. There are also better previews and access to different controls to play audio and video on the device itself while controlling or seeing what is playing on HomePod and Apple TV present on the local network.set multiple AirPlay 2 destinations

Simultaneous AirPlay 2 Destinations 

To stream simultaneously to different AirPlay 2 destinations, you should launch audio and video content and select AirPlay playback. At this point, you will see a screen with all compatible devices present under the same WiFi network.

After touching the first available device, a flagged circle will appear next to it, while an empty circle will appear on the others. Clicking on this small white circle next to the various devices will start simultaneous streaming on the chosen devices.

You should note that for a few seconds, it will be possible to manage the volume of the different devices individually. After a while, iOS and iPadOS will group the selected devices under a single item, with a slider for the single volume. The group of devices it selects, therefore, is automatically compressed into a group with some of their names which lists the number of “speakers” in operation.

The icon on the left of this group changes to a single icon in the shape of a speaker. On the left, you can tap the right-pointing arrow to expand the window. In this new screen, you will be able to individually adjust the volumes and tap the checkmarks to remove them from the group. These groups are dynamic and disappear when destination options change on your home network or select other media or use other apps on the iPhone or iPad.

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