4 Ways to Find Your Phone Number on iPhone

Not everyone remembers their phone number by heart. It can happen that you have a moment of transient amnesia. How can I find my phone number on my iPhone? We explain to you different ways you can go about this

First method

The first method is to open Settings and select “Phone”: your number appears under “My number” (it is also possible to change the information if necessary).

Second method

The second method is to open the Contacts app and tap at the top of your name (“My profile”). Your personal information appears and can be edited here. The Contacts app automatically creates a contact card for you. You can edit the information in question, use another image and add a nickname that Siri will use instead of your first name.

Third method

The third method is to connect the iPhone to your computer. On newer Macs, open the Finder.how to find your phone number on Mac

  • Go to the “Locations” section on the sidebar to choose your iPhone or iPad.
  • From here, you can click several times on the phone name to view IMEI, serial number, phone model, and phone number.check phone number on Mac

Now, all you have to do is copy and use it elsewhere

Fourth method

The method that is perhaps the most banal and simple of all is to ask Siri. “Hey Siri, what is my phone number?”: The contact card will appear with all the numbers specified. This is just one example of the many things you can ask Siri.

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