How to Share an Already Posted Video on X (formerly Twitter) Without Reposting or Quoting

Did you know you can repost that interesting video you came across on X (formerly Twitter) without downloading and tweeting or posting it again? Following certain steps lets you repost the X video on your handle in less than a minute. X will also indicate the name of the source so that no one else can credit the original content. Here is a step by step guide on how to repost a video from another post:

  • Open the post containing the video
  • Click the share button and select the copy post link.
  • Press the ‘Post‘ button
  • Paste the URL of the tweet.
  • Remove additional parameters (the question mark and any text after it?)
  • Type: /video/1 at the end
  • Click the Post button

Below is a perfect photo and video illustration of how to tweet a video from another tweet.

  1. Identify your preferred post containing video.share video
  2. Click the share buttonshare tweet
  3. Copy Link topostcopy link
  4. Tap the Post Buttonshare post
  5. Paste the link and remove additional parameters(?s=20)link pasting
  6. Replace the parameters with /video/1 and also add your captioncopied link


6. Click the Post button.

You will now have shared the video tweet and the actual publisher will be share

Here is a video illustration that will guide you on how to tweet a video from another tweet:


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