How to Mute and Block NFT Accounts on X (formerly Twitter)

It seems that the fever for NFTs does not stop growing, and Twitter hasn’t been left behind. For a couple of weeks, the platform has already started accepting NFTs, although for now, only for profile photos and for users of the Twitter Blue service.

These new Twitter NFT avatars differ from the rest by having a hexagonal shape, which helps to identify them at first glance. If you’re already fed up with NFTs and want to clean up your Twitter account, here’s how we can directly mute or block this type of user.

How to mute or block Twitter users who use NFT profile photos

To perform this filtering of NFT accounts, you should use an extension called Better TweetDeck. It is a browser extension for TweetDeck, an official Twitter web client (managed by the company) but with an optimized interface. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers from its official website.

  • Go to Better TweetDeck and select your browser version to download the corresponding extension.
  • If you use Chrome within the Chrome Web Store, click on “ Install -> Add extension ” to enable Better TweetDeck in the browser.
  • After installing the extension, click on the Better TweetDeck icon and select “ Options.”
  • Within the general settings, go to the “Misc.” And check the box “ Mute accounts who use the NFT avatar integration (hexagon-shaped avatar).”mute twitter accounts with NFT avatar
  • Finally, click on the “Save” button that you will see at the bottom of the window to save the changes.

This way, the next time you enter Twitter, all users who use an NFT profile picture will be automatically blocked or muted.

If this is not enough, you can also block all these NFT users. For this, you can use NFTBlocker, an extension for Chrome and Firefox that, as its name suggests, will help you block NFT users en masse.

The problem is that when carrying out this type of massive blocking, Twitter can detect that you are using a bot or automated program and consequently block your account. To solve it, you have to provide your phone number, and although it is not a big problem, you may want to avoid this type of situation. Also, NFTBlocker is not very easy to install and is only available through Github, so we don’t recommend its use for the reasons above.

So what can you do to block all those Twitter NFT profiles?

Set advanced filters to hide NFT-related tweets

The easiest and most direct answer is to apply the filtering tools offered by the social network itself. From Twitter, go to “ More options -> Privacy and security ” and click on “ Mute and block.”

Then go to “Mute words” and add terms like “NFT,” “blockchain,” “Bored Ape,” “Argent,” “Ethereum,” or any other word related to the crypto world and that you do not want to know anything else about on Twitter.

With this, you will not see notifications or tweets containing the words you just added to the list.

NFT Artist & Cryptobro Blocker

Finally, there are also other third-party tools such as NFT Artist & Cryptobro Blocker, a web application that blocks any NFT account that you are following, the NFT accounts that your followers are following, and even the NFT accounts that may appear on your Twitter home page.

Because it is a free utility and the enormous success after its launch, the developer had to close access to new users, but it is now available again. Of course, you must understand that to use this tool, you need to log in with your Twitter account (something a bit delicate when it comes to privacy).

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