Twitter: How to Remember Which Accounts You Have Blocked

There is no doubt that it is one of the most popular social networks today, and perhaps the place where the great political tension that has existed in specific countries for years is best reflected. But not only the political aspect is popular in this social network, but it is a place where many people pour their thoughts in short and synthetic messages that most users do not receive positively. The anonymity that protects people on social networks is undoubtedly behind many situations of harassment of photos, the formats, and possible forms, which leads many users to block others. There are times you block many users that you lose track of all those on the block list. You can review the accounts you blocked on Twitter in a few simple steps.

Review the blocked list

When you compulsively block, you run the risk of blocking people or companies that you do not want to block or that after a while, you thought it was not fair or appropriate to have done so. That is why from time to time, it is worth reviewing the list of users that you have blocked to see if they should actually continue in it or remove them. The social network has a series of options that facilitate this process to put order between all those accounts that you have decided to block. Sometimes it can be surprising to see which accounts you have blocked in the past. To check this, you can do the following:

  • Open Twitter
  • Click on “Privacy and security.”
  • Scroll to the “Security” section
  • Click on “Blocked accounts.”

Once inside, you will see all the currently blocked Twitter accounts, showing their profile, and the “Blocked” button on the side. The possibility offered by this functionality is to click on that button to unblock the user.

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