How to Read Comics on Your Kindle

Digital book readers are an excellent option to carry a large selection of books. You can use them to read the books that interest you the most or novels. In addition to this, if you love comic books, you can also take your favorites everywhere. You can read comics on your Kindle. We’ll tell you how.

Enjoy your favorite comics on your Kindle

Amazon ereaders allow you to enjoy reading whether they are purchased through the sales giant or from books that you have in digital format. You only have to convert them to the appropriate format to enjoy them. Something similar happens with comics. In Amazon, you can find a wide selection of comics, but if you have saved collections that you want to enjoy on your Kindle, you can also do it, but first, you must convert them. Next, we will tell you what steps you must follow to enjoy them on your Kindle.

The way of reading a comic differs from that of reading a novel. Its vignette system is necessary for a panel-by-panel reading system, through which you can follow the story in a guided and cinematic way. In this way, a much more immersive experience is achieved. But to get your Kindle to reproduce your old comics in this way, you must use a special format. You must convert your comics to .movi since other formats such as .cbz, .cbr, or .pdz, used by other readers and reading apps, are not compatible with Amazon devices.

Kindle Comic Creator

One option is the tool that Amazon makes available to comic creators. This is Kindle Comic Creator. This tool is not designed to convert your files to formats compatible with your ereaders. If not, it is designed so that content creators, image by image, configure the reading experience.Kindle Comic creator

It allows you to define the bullets, the reading experience, and the panel-by-panel navigation. A solution that, in addition to being very laborious, can take a long time. In addition to this, many users are encountering problems as they need KindleGen, an application which since 2020 cannot be downloaded from the Amazon page and no longer has support.

The best alternative so far is to use Calibre. One of the most used tools to convert electronic books. But you must bear in mind that comics have their particularities, so to use it, you have to use a plugin to convert your comics without problems. First, you must download caliber Kindle comics and install it on your computer. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

You can access the download page by clicking here. You also need to have KidleGen installed. A tool that you can download by clicking here. Although before using it, you must take into account that since 2020 Amazon does not support or allow its download. From this moment, you can convert your favorite comics and enjoy them on your Kindle. That yes, even if it is in black and white since, at the moment, the Google digital readers family does not include any color version.

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