My Amazon Order: How to Change Shipping Address

Currently, it is very common to buy online. Since this became a reality, people prefer to make purchases directly online than visiting a store in their city. Buying online can be considered a quite addictive activity and more if the pages and platforms to buy are to your liking. One of the best and most used platforms is Amazon. It is a global e-commerce leader. Amazon offers too many products on its page, from electronic devices to objects to decorate your home. It offers applications and games, sports articles, entertainment, and even offers audiobooks, etc. You can place an order and have your item delivered to any part of the globe.

Amazon and your order

Amazon is one of the greats when it comes to e-commerce. At this moment, thousands of people are on the platform buying and buying items. 

It has often happened to you when buying some items through the website you got confused, we put some data about the delivery or your address wrong or even got confused with the payment method. This is quite common, but don’t worry. With Amazon, you have the option to modify any data in case you’ve made a mistake. Here, we will explain how to solve it.

I got confused when putting the details of my Amazon order

The most likely thing is that you got confused when you wrote your address information since that is why you are here reading about this topic. You don’t have to worry about this. It is a mistake that we have all made when buying something.

You have to keep in mind that the only way to edit your data is that the order is in the picking or preparation phase. This means that the order is barely being managed in the warehouse to process the shipment.ordering on Amazon

Can the delivery address of an Amazon order be changed?

Changing the delivery address of an Amazon order is completely possible and easy to do. It can be achieved from the user’s account without using any special information or anything similar.

The only condition that Amazon puts to make changes of this type is that they can be made as long as the order has not yet been sent. If the order has already been sent and is in “shipping status,” it means that the information used by Amazon is already the one previously provided, and the order is on its way to that place.

How to modify the shipping information of my order on Amazon?

To change the details of your purchase on Amazon, you must follow the following steps. They are quite simple, so modifying them will be a simple and fast process.

  • First of all, you must log into your Amazon account.
  • After placing your order go to “account and lists.”
  • You will see several options. Click on “your orders.”
  • After this, a list will appear with the orders you have made.
  • You will see an option that says “order details” or “modify order.”
  • Select the option.

You will see in detail the details of the order you made: shipping address, payment method, gift voucher balance. Select the information you want to edit and click “change or apply.” Make sure you write the correct one.

Something important that you should know is that if you use the “change” option, keep in mind that you will perform two actions: change the payment method and modify the shipping speed. That is, they could deliver the product faster than the time you had ordered. If you agree to this, they can charge you an additional payment to what you had previously made.

When buying through Amazon, you can buy items from anyone or Amazon. This means that if you buy your own Amazon product, you will have more time to modify any data. But if you bought from an external seller, you will have approximately 30 minutes to modify any data. If that is your case, we recommend that you try to contact the seller directly and explain your situation.

Make sure you verify your data before making a purchase online. This is quite important to avoid any bad time due to a tiny error.

On open order

To modify the shipping data of your purchase in “open order,” that is, that it has not yet entered the shipping process, you have to enter your account and go to the option “My Orders.”

Then select the “Order Details” section in the order that you want to modify. Edit the necessary data and click on the “change” option.

If what you want is to change the destination address of the order, as long as it has not yet been sent, you may have to cancel it and place the order again.

When the package has already been sent

It is completely impossible to initiate a shipping information change process once the order has entered shipping status. Amazon protects the seller against any inconvenience of this kind since the responsibility to provide correct and timely information rests with the buyer.

The Amazon platform offers different direct communication methods from the user to Amazon staff in case of clarification about the shipping address or any other claim. You can use different means of communication available in our previous post: How to Contact Amazon.

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