How to Pick the Most Secure iPhone Passcode

Even though hackers use advanced methods to break through the security of smartphones, the confidential information of iPhone owners is protected by super-strong end-to-end encryption technology.

Few people know, but the classic four-digit code has about 10,000 possible combinations. Modern software can pick up the right numbers in just a few minutes. The latest versions of the iPhone use a six-digit PIN. Thus, the number of combinations is now 1 million, and it will not take much longer to crack. Even if you increase the number of digits to 18, it will take a maximum of three weeks to solve them.

The most effective solution is to add letters or other symbols to the numeric code, which greatly increases the security of passwords. For example, a “mixed” 11-digit combination can be cracked by hackers in 34 years, and if you add one more character, then in this case, they will need at least 3,000 years. For greater security, you can resort to a 13-digit password that attackers will “bring out the key” for 200,000 years.

Enabling the alphanumeric password option is a fairly straightforward process:

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone,
  • Click on “Face ID and Passcode,”
  • Enter a set of numbers known only to you,
  • Select “Change Passcode.”

Enter the same numbers again, and the system will prompt you to select a 6-digit code. Instead, go to the “Password Settings” menu above the keyboard and click on “User Alphanumeric Code” there. Now, you just have to pick up a new combination that includes unique numbers, letters, and symbols.

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