Why the iPhone is More Expensive than Android Smartphones

Android and iOS are the leading mobile platforms that power billions of devices around the world. Despite the differences, there are a number of similarities between them in the functionality and principles of operation of operating systems.

The iPhone dominates premium sales and traditionally has a higher price tag than Android competitors. There are several reasons why Apple smartphones are more expensive but still attract more consumer attention, especially in the business sector. The main advantage of the company, of course, is the processors. But even without them, the iPhone has something better than Android devices.


Apple software innovations ensure impressive intuitiveness and an abundance of user interface elements for an optimal experience. Even with more serious multitasking, you’re less likely to run into problems on an iPhone than on Android smartphones. Often, even older versions of the iPhone perform better than a number of new models on a competing platform. Application optimization by developers allows you to maintain the performance of Apple smartphones for a much longer period.


As many expert studies show, iOS is a more secure platform. A high degree of protection and frequent release of regular updates is an important advantage of the iPhone over its competitors. Moreover, new versions of iOS are distributed in a matter of days, and this ensures the best safety of the operating system from hackers.


Over the years, the iPhone has made a significant contribution to innovation in mobile photography. Apple is always striving to improve the software for its smartphone cameras, and also uses the best sensors in the industry. Android manufacturers, in turn, have a larger arsenal of photosensors, filters, effects, and features. However, the iPhone offers a more complete experience and better photo and video quality.


The appearance of the iPhone evokes a special feeling of luxury because these smartphones are always made from first-class materials. Apple’s unique design is the result of continuous improvement and has proven itself over time. Full integration with devices from the ecosystem is another important advantage of choosing Apple.

Different versions of the iPhone target different user groups and are a strategic element of Apple’s policy. In addition, even its budget devices have a design that surpasses most Android smartphones. It is in these little things that the key to the success of Apple lies.

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