How to Share Your Screen With iMessage on Mac

In this article, you can learn how to share your Mac’s screen with another person using the built-in iMessage messenger and let the other person control your computer remotely. This is an excellent way to get technical support, work on a common project, or do something else.

How to use iMessage on Mac for screen sharing and remote control (relevant for macOS Monterey)

1) Open the Messages (iMessage) app on your Mac

2) Select the conversation with the contact you want to share the screen with

3) Click on the top right of the “i” icon

4) Select “Share”

5) Click “Invite to Screen Sharing” to share your screen or “Request Screen Sharing” if you want to see the other person’s screen

6) A window will appear showing the connection process

7) The person with whom you are going to share your screen will see a notification that you want to share your screen with him, after which he will need to click on “Settings” in the notification and then “Accept”

8) A pop-up window will appear on the invited computer with the connection establishment process

9) Once the connection is established, the other user will be able to see your screen with everything that happens on it, including any incoming notifications. To disable this, you need to turn on the focus mode.

10) For another person to control your screen, for example, to show a new setting or function, he needs to click on the “Control” button at the top of the window in which your screen is displayed.

11) You will receive a notification that your colleague would like to control your screen. Click “Accept”

12) To end sharing, click on the screen mirroring icon on the top bar of macOS next to the clock

13) Click “End Sharing”

14) After that, you will receive a notification about the end of collaboration, and the other user will no longer be able to see your screen

Here is a video guide of how to go about it:


If this connection option does not suit you for some reason, then you can share the screen, for example, via FaceTime, but this is a separate topic for conversation. We will prepare instructions for you soon.

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