How to Pass The SEO Audit of a Website?

Each SEO service performed must begin with an SEO audit. This is a very important step for the natural referencing of a website. Thanks to this operation, we can discover why the pages of his site do not have a better position in the search engines. But what do we really mean by “SEO audit”? What are its advantages and weaknesses? This article provides answers to these questions to understand better the importance of passing an SEO audit.

The interest of passing an SEO audit of a website

A complete SEO audit can ensure knowledge of all the points to optimize or improve when creating a website, especially before its first upload. With this method, it is thus possible to evaluate the basics of the website while trying to provide Internet users with a fluid and easy-to-use interface.

It should be noted that without a solid foundation, the site to be put online will certainly have difficulties appearing at the top of the ranking of search engines like Google. In addition, the SEO audit is an important step if you need to improve a website already online. So, how exactly does a full SEO audit work? Below are all the steps to follow and the SEO tools to use during this operation.

The different steps to complete an SEO audit

Several steps must be taken into account to effectively perform this audit, starting with the keyword audit. These are among the basic criteria for obtaining better visibility in search engines. The keywords should be updated regularly to allow a website to always stay on top as long as possible.

As for other SEO audits that must be performed, we can mention:

  • competition audit;
  • Technical audit;
  • SEO evaluation of each page published;
  • content audit;
  • user experience audit.

All these steps are more than necessary to ensure the proper functioning of a website to appear at the top of the ranking in search engines. In short, an SEO audit refers to a detailed procedure, categorized into several tests to assess the quality and weakness of a website.

Adapt your website to the needs of mobile users

An audit also allows you to find out if your website is mobile-friendly. For some time now, Google has used a “mobile-first” index to define the ranking of web pages. It is for this reason that your site must be absolutely well optimized for mobiles. To check this criterion, it is recommended to use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool. If the website is not compatible, it is better to ask a web designer to make it “mobile-friendly.”

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