Free Backlinks: This is How You Generate Sustainable Links for Your Site

So-called backlinks are still among the strongest “pushers” of websites. You can do as much OnPage optimization as you want. Without “strong” links, you will not be able to withstand the hard-fought competition at Google. As a rule, good link building takes a lot of time, and not everyone has that. Often, the so-called backlink generators and providers create “strong” links for money that should refer to your site.

Of course, the purchase of backlinks is operated by some companies and self-employed who want to increase their presence on the Internet. Google is also said to have cracked down on backlinks in recent years, and the company promises linkbait will go nowhere. Therefore, you should save some money and use so-called link-building tactics. The tactic won’t cost you any money, and at the same time, you don’t need to worry that Google will penalize you because the link-building tactic is very different from the backlinks.

We want to introduce some link sources that will lead you to the free backlinks.

Guest amounts are very important

It is very important to have your website name appear on relevant blogs. To do this, you can speak to the blog operator and ask him to allow you to write down a guest post on the blog. This way, you can dust off really “juicy” links.

In any case, it makes sense to become friends with the blogger. You can proceed as follows: Comment and share the blogger’s blog posts. Over time, you can write to the blogger privately and ask if they are interested in working together. If there is interest, you can write a nice guest post that refers to your website with a link.

PDF shares

You can upload and share studies, blog posts, cases, and other things on these two websites or The PDF files should contain links that refer directly to your page or lead to your page.

Web directories

Some people still believe that web directories are dead and cannot positively affect Google ranking at all. This is a mistake because the web directories are great for getting one or the other link for free.

The whole thing looks a little different on the pages of business directories. Links from such pages can be particularly relevant for companies in the region. free backlinks

Press directories can open doors

On these websites, you have the opportunity to report something interesting. Many people read a press release. Make sure, however, that your press release offers significant added value and entices the user to read. Otherwise, the press release will not be well received, and in the worst case, it will not be read at all but will be clicked on. As a result, your link falls by the wayside and does not bring you anything.

Social communities – a must in the modern world

The following two websites can be described as social communities:


At, you can register and have your website registered. Stumbleupon is a big directory. You can enter your website if necessary, and then you will be found by many people looking for your website. Stumbleupon has many users who can enter their interests on the site in their profile and find you or your website. Depending on the area of ​​interest, websites are displayed at random.

According to Wikipedia, is a social news aggregator. Here it is possible to post pictures, videos, or links that refer to interesting websites. The very active community can be very beneficial for you and your website.


There is always the opportunity to publish a few links here. The links are easy to get, so the following platforms are also known as link spammer platforms. For this reason, Google no longer pays attention to social bookmarks and focuses its attention on larger fish in this shark tank, which we call the Internet.

Here are some social bookmarking websites:


Online libraries

You can make your e-book available for download on your website. Of course, the prerequisite for this is that you write your own e-book. There are so-called online libraries on the Internet that you can use to publish your electronic reading work. With the aid of an online library, you can grow your awareness and that of your e-book. With a good e-book that you publish in these libraries, you can collect plenty of “strong” backlinks.

Blog comments in blogs

Blogs and commenting are great for attracting visitors to your website. However, you will not achieve better rankings for your website on Google. Some blogs have set their comments to so-called NoFollow. You are not allowed to follow the comments on such blogs. Many blogs have a DoFollow. Thus, links are allowed in the comments, and other users can visit your website using the link. It is recommended that you only write blog comments on blog articles you have already written or knowledgeable about. This way, your links will be noticed more strongly, and you will attract numerous visitors to your website.

Forums – The Best Free Backlink Help

A forum belongs to the best backlink helper there can be. In a forum, people discuss or ask questions on a particular topic. Find the topic you are dealing with on your website. If this is, for example, cars or car repairs, we recommend going to car forums and answering a few comments there or writing a contribution yourself. At the end of the post, you can enter your contact details (links).

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