4 Types of Influencers for Your Campaigns

In the spheres of influencer marketing, there are several types of profiles generally categorized by the size of their community. Influencers are not all at the same level, and for brands and companies alike, it’s a way to access marketing influence while controlling your budget. In addition, the search for influencers for campaigns, via influencer tools, makes it possible to focus on profile typologies.

Let’s discover the 4 main categories:

1. Macro-influencers

Macro-influencers are profiles that animate and manage communities from 100K subscribers to several million. These are the profiles of the best-known influencers on social networks, and for a handful of them their communities sometimes greatly exceed 15 million followers. They are primarily active on YouTube as they create video content, but can also be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Among women, the biggest in this category have between 3 and 4 million subscribers on social platforms. Beauty, lifestyle, and similar themes are the most represented.

They are generally managed by agencies and are under contract with major cosmetic brands.

Among men, they are called upon for large associative campaigns or for various operations requiring significant visibility.

The budgets to be allocated for these influencers are generally very large, but the performance of the actions is generally there.

2. Micro-influencers

They manage communities that have between 30K and 100K subscribers. They are the most requested and at the same time the most numerous on social networks. Microinfluencers are active on all the themes found in the field of influence. They generally meet the needs of companies and brands alike.

They have greater proximity than macro-influencers due to the fact that they have smaller communities. Thus, engagement rates among micro-influencers are generally higher.

They are of clear interest to companies and brands that are looking for feedback for their products or services and of course to work on their visibility on social networks. Because the budgets to be released are less important than for large influencers, brands sometimes favor actions with several of them simultaneously.

3. Nano-influencers

They lead smaller communities because they work in niche sectors that they are passionate about. If they have very active communities and remain very close to their subscribers, it is mainly due to the fact that they do not bring together thousands of people. This gives its influencers some of the highest engagement rates in influencer marketing.

Nano-influencers do not live from their activity, because they generally have a main activity in parallel. Partnerships are not the most numerous but they can be loyal to a brand or a company as long as they operate through a niche.

Passion and sharing are their main drivers.

4. Mega-influencers

The mega influencer is generally a star who exercises among the most popular areas of show business, sport, etc. These are actors, singers, high-level athletes, and all the highly publicized profiles that interest brands. They are piloted by agents and are often under contract for major brands to the point of being their muse or ambassador for many of them.

Their communities often reach millions, even tens of millions of subscribers. To appeal to these mega-influencers, arm yourself with a substantial budget, but the impact will generally be very strong on the actions carried out.

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