How to Optimize Videos on Facebook

How do you optimize videos on Facebook to make the most of this opportunity offered by the social network?

Before understanding it, let’s start with a small statistic: in 2021, videos on FB achieved the best organic reach ever. But what is organic reach? It is very simple: it is the use of content (textual or video) by users, without having to resort to promotional activities, such as sponsored ads, etc. A video content, in short, which is much more visible and attractive, without having to spend money necessarily on targeted ADS.

But how do you optimize videos on Facebook? Here are 3 tips that you cannot underestimate!

Use native videos and edit the texts a lot

Native videos are videos uploaded directly to Facebook and not shared by other portals such as YouTube or Vimeo. It seems that the videos designed specifically for this social network are able to obtain much better performances than those shared by other channels.

The text factor is also very important: in this case, pay attention to the video’s caption, title, and thumbnail (i.e. its preview image). In addition, take care of the contents of the video itself, to involve and intrigue.

Make the video usable even without audio

It happens very often that a user surfs Facebook without sound, perhaps because he is on public transport or in the office, or perhaps because he does not have headphones at hand. Not to mention that Facebook has always played by default videos with the sound off.

Well, as difficult as it may be, try to create multimedia content that is as usable as possible even without listening, perhaps by inserting subtitles, or graphics, or focusing on simple high-quality images.

The first few seconds of viewing are everything!

A bit like for TV commercials, the first few seconds make the difference between a successful video and one destined to end up in oblivion! What do you have to do in the first few seconds of your video, then?

The advice is to focus on decisive texts, perhaps even short and introductory, where you make a summary of what you will talk about. You can also amaze with impressive images. What matters is that you start with a bang!

How long should a video on Facebook last?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. It would be too simple, and perhaps even belittling, to assert that a very short video is always the best solution over a longer video. What is certain is that a video of a few seconds is generally preferable, but always if it is strictly high-quality video!

According to some research, many users love videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds, but you can extend the timing to even a minute (even if it all depends on your target and the reference sector).

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