How to Make a Sketch from a Photo with White Outlines

If you have a photo and you want to know how to make a sketch from a photo with white outlines, then we have the solution for you! We have created a list of software suitable for computers with Windows or macOS operating systems, but also ideal applications for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Depending on the type of device you have, you can choose the program you prefer and follow the steps to turn any photo into a drawing.

Software to create a drawing from a photo

First, let’s take computer programs (Windows or Mac iOS) as an example. There are numerous alternatives we can use to know how to sketch out a photo with white outlines. Let’s see them in detail:

  1. Photoshop: the most obvious solution is certainly to use the famous Photoshop graphics program. Open the image you want to turn into a drawing, go to the Adjustments tab and click on the Black and White item. Now, you will have to change the brightness and contrast to get the result you prefer;
  2. FotoSketcher: is available in both Windows and iOS versions and allows you to transform any photo into a black and white drawing, simply by choosing the desired artistic effect from the menu;
  3. Gimp: This is a graphics program very similar to the classic Paint, but with more features. Open the photo, go to the Filters menu and click the Artistic item. Now apply the pencil drawing style effect by changing the percentage of black or white, from the Photocopy item.

Applications to create a drawing from a photo

If, on the other hand, you do not have a computer or you simply want to use your smartphone to know how to draw a sketch from a photo with white outlines, then you will have to equip yourself with the right application. We have selected the best ones for you, available for both Android and iOS iPhones :

  1. Prisma: it is certainly the best-known solution, as it is available for both operating systems. Here, you can edit your photos by simply applying the filter you prefer, including the one for black and white pencil drawing;
  2. ToonCamera: is usable only for iPads and iPhones, and is a paid application. This too has the pencil filter to edit your photos;
  3. Polish Photo Editor: available for both operating systems(Android and iOS), it is an application for editing images, also guaranteeing the drawing function.

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