You may visit different websites throughout the day, and as soon as you enter, you receive notifications. We do not refer to the cookie notice but to the pop-up notifications to subscribe and receive the latest publications.

If you are subscribed, from that moment, you start receiving notifications every time the website uploads new content. These notifications can be useful if you like that web page, but you can also come face to face with spam. So here is how to disable the web notifications that you receive in the Chrome app of your Android mobile.

Disable Notifications in Chrome for Android

In less than 1 minute and with 3 simple taps, those notifications will be gone forever if you follow our instructions for Android mobiles:

  • Open the Chrome browser app on your Android mobile.
  • Stay on the main Google screen or enter any website. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Now slide your finger from bottom to top until you find Settings.
  • Swipe again until you see Notifications and tap on it.
  • Next, go to the Websites section and uncheck the Show notifications box.disable notifications in Chrome

From that precise moment, you will no longer receive any notification about the websites to which you subscribed. You can do this same process in all browsers and even on the computer where you work or study.

If you have different mobiles at home, and you also receive those notifications, it is convenient that you repeat the process. Even if you use the same Google account on all mobiles, they are different devices, and that setting is not synchronized.