How to Fix SERVER NOT FOUND Error in Firefox

If you have problems with Mozilla Firefox browser, you should read the following guide to learn how to fix SERVER NOT FOUND error in Firefox – easy and fast.

Mozilla Firefox Flaws, What You Need to Consider

Errors like “Server not found” in Firefox can be fixed relatively easily. There are certain things to factor in before looking for relevant solutions. The most important thing is to verify if the problem happens very often or with different websites.

Is it a single site, or are there many?

As we pointed out, you need to verify if the website you are trying to access is not the one with the problem. In other words, check if you have the problem on other web pages. If the problem only appears with a single website, the fault is most likely with the server that stores the page.

Restart the Router

While it may seem like an inappropriate solution, many times, rebooting the router can help. For this reason, we recommend that you reset or reboot the Router to fix the Internet connection with Mozilla Firefox.

After the above, you have to wait a few minutes so that for the connection to restart completely. In this way, your access to the Internet network may be restarted, and the problem with Firefox will be solved.

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