The 8 Best Extensions for Your Browser

The structure and functions of the main browsers are almost identical, but what can make the difference in the choice between one software and another are the extensions. These are small additional applications you can install in the browser, often via a dedicated store, which allow you to dramatically increase its functions.

But be careful not to get carried away and install too many extensions. You will only weigh down your browser and consequently slow down browsing. So let’s find out the 8 extensions that implement some important functions within a browser.



Click & Clean deletes the browsing history every time you close the browser with the possibility of saving it in HTML format before deletion. It also gives you the possibility to delete cookies and clear the cache, thus removing all traces from your browser.

Available for: Google Chrome

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger automatically blocks trackers, even invisible ones, that track your internet activities. This extension was developed by the EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation. It is a non-profit association with the defense of digital privacy as its mission for over 30 years.

Available for: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera



The distractions when working on the PC are always many and this extension comes to the rescue, allowing you to limit the time you can spend on certain websites.

It also features two additional modes: the first Nuclear call which completely blocks the ability to visit new web pages and the second Require Challenge which will require you to complete a small skill test in order to change StayFocusd settings.

Available for: Google Chrome

Tab suspender

Chrome is the most popular browser but at the same time, it is also one of the most impacting in terms of computer resources needed to make it work. The reason lies in the tabs that tend to accumulate and slow down the computer. With Tab suspender, you can set a period of time after which the tabs are “frozen” and no longer updated. However, you can exclude some tabs from suspension and reactivate those blocked as soon as you need them.

Available for: Google Chrome


With Pushbullet, you can instantly transfer messages, links, images, and files of all kinds from the smartphone to the computer and vice versa. To exchange files, just install the extension on Chrome and Firefox and the connected app on your smartphone. After installation, you will have to log in with the same account on both devices to connect them and also have the possibility to see and send SMS.

Available for: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


Google translate

The Google Translate extension allows you to automatically translate pages or parts of them into any language from your browser. To do this:

  • Just open the page,
  • Click on the extension icon,
  • Select Translate this page.

The page will be automatically translated into any language in a few seconds. However, you can set the default language you prefer. The quality of the translations is always higher, thanks to the continuous refinement of the Google algorithm.

Available for: Google Chrome

Panic Button

There are some situations you need to hide what you are consulting on the internet or you do not want to show the open tabs of your browser. The Panic Button extension not only closes all open tabs with one click but allows you to reopen them at a later time.

Available for: Google Chrome

Mercury Reader

The articles and contents published on the web are often accompanied by too invasive photographs or banners that can disturb the reading. Mercury Reader hides all types of images and banners and displays only the texts of the article in a way that simplifies its use. Just click on the rocket icon and in seconds, you will see the formatted text. It comes with the useful option of sending it to your Kindle ebook reader.

Available for: Google Chrome

These are the best extensions for your browser.

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