How to Edit M3U List

The M3U format allows you to play multimedia files, it is the most used type for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) lists. An M3U file contains the IPTV lists that allow the reproduction of TV channels from all over the world, without any geographical restrictions. If you are wondering how to edit an M3U list you are in the right place. In this article, we want to show you some useful methods to perform this modification.

Note: The IPTV list may also contain copyrighted content. With this guide, we do not want in any way to encourage the illegal use of these systems. This is simply an article for information for the user.

How to edit M3U list

M3U files contain a series of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) lists so that you have access to the various TV channels. If you are using a Smart TV or any other device, you must know that you need adequate software to have access to these lists.

When the IPTV lists are in link format they are certainly easier to load, and they also update automatically.

So how do you get a link to an IPTV list, simply starting from an M3U file? You need to know how to edit M3U list. In this article, we want to give you some tips.

M3U lists can be opened with the Notepad application of the Windows operating system, precisely because they are saved in a simple text file. So to modify it, making it become a link, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the M3U file;
  2. Select the item Open with .. ;
  3. Choose the Notepad software from the list of programs ;
  4. Choose the list you want to edit;
  5. Now you will have to enter the different data to modify the list, such as link name, username, and password, as in the example indicated below;
  6. Once you have edited the list you can paste this link into the software you prefer to use, such as Kodi.


A link in the list can be:

But it can also be written in the following way, in order to replace elements: http:// Username = USERNAMECANALE & password=PASSWORDCANALE & type=m3u

  • In place of the IPTV name, enter the URL of the server;
  • Instead of USERNAMECANALE, insert the username;
  • In CHANNEL PASSWORD, include the password to access the channel.

Software to open and edit M3U files and lists

To open the M3U lists, you need to have specific software installed on your device, suitable for your operating system. There are many online, each one ideal for your needs. In particular:

  1. GSE Smart IPTV: for Android mobile devices;
  2. GoIPTV M3U: for iOS mobile devices
  3. VLC: for Windows and macOS computers;
  4. Perfect Player: for Windows computers and Android devices;
  5. Kodi: for Windows and macOS computers, Android devices;
  6. SS IPTV: For LG or Samsung Smart TV.

While to know how to edit an M3U list using online software, you can use M3U Editor tool.

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