5 Apps That Allow You to Put Music in Your Videos

Today we suggest 5 apps to add music to your videos. You should definitely download them on your smartphone, iOS, or Android! Thanks to TikTok and the success of Reel on Instagram, video editing has become a real catchphrase.

If during your travels, or simply in your days, you have created videos that you would like to edit with the addition of background music, no problem. There are several applications developed precisely to share special moments or archive them in an original way. If you too want to test your talent as a videomaker by getting involved on social media, here are 5 apps that allow you to put music in your videos available for both Android and iOS devices.


VivaVideo is a free downloadable app for both iOS and Android devices. Easy and intuitive, it helps you to quickly edit your videos by adding music to your movies and also to your photos. In addition to the musical addition, VivaVideo is appreciated because it allows you to transform even a collage of photos and videos into a single project.

VivaVideo is extremely easy to use, has a basic interface extremely usable even by those who do not deal with editing at a professional levelParticularly functional for social media, it is certainly suitable for giving life to your own TikTok Reel and musical ballets. VivaVideo is the right app to add music, crop, merge, and add subtitles to your creations.

Magisto Video Editor

Currently, one of the best apps on the market for adding music to your videos is Magisto Video Editor. Usable and downloadable on both Android devices and iOS smartphones, it presents an understandable and easy-to-use interface.

Not overly customized, however, the app offers a large music library and an interesting choice of effects applicable to videos. Among the pluses of this app, there is undoubtedly that it is free but if you want you could subscribe and access a very wide register of effects and features with which to customize your creations.

After installing the application, an extremely intuitive screen will open in which with a + sign you can add your video and edit it, among the various functions obviously there is that of adding a soundtrack that you can select and want to listen to in advance to be able to cut it and apply as you see fit.


An app to add music to your videos exclusively for iPhone users, IMovie conquers fans of social media and video editing with its many features. iMovie is part of the free apps but also has some in-app purchases to customize the creations in an additional way.

Among the interesting functions is that of creating a trailer with background music without however excluding the starting audio that you can adjust in a balanced way according to the effect you want to create. Using it is very easy:

  • Click on “projects”
  • at that point, experiment with the various effects and functions, including that of adding music.

If you want to give life to a trailer:

  • First, select a theme,
  • Follow the procedure with the create button
  • Finally switch to the Storyboard tab, editing scene by scene just like a professional video editor.

iMovie is the closest you can find to a professional app. It is a high-quality multifunction editor but at the same time easy to use.


inShot app is one of the best to edit your videos by adding music tracks. The app has also recently introduced the music library and is divided into a basic version where there are limited instruments and a paid pro where you can have access to all the features.

With inShot, editing is very fast:

  1. upload your video or your photos,
  2. combine them by giving the order you want,
  3. cut the files if necessary
  4. add the music available in the library, selecting the songs you prefer and find the most suitable.

Among the pluses of this app is the possibility to add several different songs to the same video, choosing which part of the song to listen to. It is available on both Android and iOS

Power Director

Known as Power Director Video Editor, the app available for Android devices is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded. Free with basic systems, it offers the possibility of implementing the functions with some in-app purchases that allow you to take advantage of additional functions.

The CyberLink company, already known in the industry for other successful applications, is making Power Director Editor Video. The tool, easy to use and intuitive, allows you to choose between numerous music and effects to create and customize your video. To use it, just press the “cinema icon” button and from there follow the extremely easy procedures. The app guides you in every phase of editing.

To access the music library, you have to click on the notes symbol and at that point, you can choose from numerous songs available. Other functions include filters, speed regulators, and much more.

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