How to Easily Claim or Report an Inactive Username on Instagram

Today we will explain how to easily claim or report a username that is inactive on Instagram. If you want to report an inactive Instagram username since Instagram does not let you open a new account, the app does not offer a direct solution. However, there are other strategic methods to obtain that username that you want so much.

We will explore different options that we have, from waiting for this user to be eliminated by Instagram to claiming it for owning your company’s name. All this giving you a variety of alternatives to achieve your goal.

Wait for the purge of inactive users

You can wait until Instagram removes inactive users. It usually does it from time to time, considering if this user has photos in his account recently, if he has a high number of followers, if he has interacted with other accounts by private message, or through likes, etc. All this to encourage users to be present on the social network. Well, it says in its policies on inactive users.

Accounts are usually deleted after 1-2 years of inactivity. If you want a faster result, then write to the Instagram help center. In some cases, it can facilitate the process.

This information can also be used when managing your account, do not spend too much time inactive, or Instagram proceeds to purge you along with the accounts it deletes due to inactivity. Better to avoid it by verifying your account on Instagram. This will be less likely to happen, in addition to having more control over your user.Instagram username section

Buy username from owner

That an account has few followers and zero content does not mean that its owner is inactive. Many people go through Instagram without the need to have a precisely active account. They are only looking at the few accounts that follow or have some objective of spying on a person. If you write to them wanting to buy their account, they may agree and reach a good purchase agreement.

There are cases in which the owners can put an overprice. This if they see your great interest in the followers they have. For this, you can apply a technique that will facilitate the purchase of inactive users in any social network.

You proceed to create an account with the user you want on various social networks, this will make the user not so precious, and in case the other party wishes to use the user, we will have the other networks covered. It is a strategy that can be applied in these types of situations.

Claim for having your company name

This option can be vital if you have a registered trademark. Instagram tends to remove users if the content infringes on copyright. If so, you can get the name of an inactive I Instagram user.

Many times there is success in doing this. From the account being active with interactions, income to Instagram, and having posts, it will be more difficult to obtain the username. Similarly, we leave you the Instagram help center, where you can complete the form to obtain your account.Instagram app

We hope you have found a solution that we leave you here. If the account is not inactive enough for Instagram to close it, the owner does not want to sell the name of the account, or you do not have a company that gives you support to claim an inactive account, the best thing to do is resign yourself from searching that username.

Instagram has a limit of 30 characters for its user names, with which you can use a period (“.”) Among other options that can facilitate you to have a name similar to the one you were looking for, or a better one that helps you stand out among your friends. Without further ado, we wish you luck claiming that user you want so much, using any of these methods. Which one was the best for you when you tried to claim an inactive user?

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