How to Download Your Data and Location History from Google Maps

This is not a very well-known feature, but it can always come in handy to know its existence and how to use it. With it, you can download all your data from Google Maps if you want to stop using the application or save a route that you have made.

Google Maps is a complete application that allows you to share your location with other people, get to your destination quickly on a new path, point out interesting places and attractive routes when you go on a trip to know another city. You can download all these data to your computer or mobile. 

If you have decided to change the application and take with you all the data that Google has about you, or you create routes and travel maps frequently and want to save them, this is the right tutorial for you. There are many reasons why users may need to download their Google Maps data, but most do not know that this option exists.

We will explain to you step by step how to request Google Maps to download some or all of the usage data you have generated. The process from the computer is simple and identical to doing it from your phone. Whatever your option, you can follow this tutorial without problem. We have taken a few minutes to do it. It may take several days for the file to arrive if you have a huge amount of data. Maps data

Download Your Data Location History from Google Maps in these Simple Steps

  • To start, as you can imagine, you must open Google Maps in the browser or the mobile app. Look in the side menu. Look for the section Your data of Google Maps and enter. Here you will see all the information that Google has about you. It is good to know this for greater security. Scroll down to ” Download your Maps data ” and enter. Select all the data you want to download or export to another service, from the location history to the places you have marked.
  • In those sections where you see ” multiple formats.” You can click and see which ones they offer, so you choose what suits you best.
  • Click on ” Next step ” to choose the service you want Google to send the files to and in what format. It can be by email, to Drive, or Dropbox, for example. You can also let Google carry out this operation periodically, every two months, for example.
  •  When you have everything ready, click on ” Create Export ” and check your email.

As Google will tell you, copies of your data are being created. You will receive an email to confirm that no one is trying to impersonate your identity and steal your data. In the email, you will have a link to confirm the password of your Google account and show that you are the person who has requested this information and not a stranger. Once this process is finished, the file or files should be ready. You can check it before finally downloading it to your device.

If you have chosen to export this data to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, it will ask for your Dropbox account to link it with Google and transfer the files. This is the whole process, simple and fast. Keep in mind that Google Maps data is not deleted with it. It is still there until you decide to delete it.

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