How to Delete Your Likes and Reactions from Any Facebook Post

Sometimes you can have your fingers a little clumsy and drop a like or an angry emoji out of the blue and then regret it. On other occasions, you may want to delete one of those beautiful hearts you left a couple of months ago in your crush’s publication after having had a few too many drinks.

For all these situations of regret or simple tactical error, Facebook offers a solution. Correct! Facebook allows you to see, manage and even delete the likes and other reactions that you leave on the social network, all natively and without the need to install any additional plugin.

How to Remove Likes and Other Reactions on Facebook Posts

Suppose you distribute a lot of likes to a person’s Facebook posts. Although the social network does not allow filtering by specific people, it does allow you to consult the activity history according to certain dates and eliminate any reaction you have left in a post, photograph, or video.

  • First of all, go to the Facebook website and log in with your user.
  • Click on your profile picture (or the dropdown tab if you’re already using the new revamped Facebook interface) and select “ Settings and privacy.”
  • Next, select “ Activity Log.”Facebook activity log
  • In the left side menu, you will see the option “ Interactions.” Click to open the dropdown.
  • Among the different options available, select ” Likes and reactions. “

This will show a chronological list with all the likes and reactions you left on Facebook over time. Here, you will see all the publications where you have left a “like,” a “love,” or any other reaction. Click on the publication to load it on Facebook and access it.

For example, if you have left a like on a publication, the like box will appear active. Click on the box again, and the like will be automatically deleted. Carry out this same process with the rest of the posts you want to modify or withdraw your reaction.

Alternatively, you can also click on the 3-dot icon that appears next to each post in the side menu and select “I don’t like it anymore.” This way, you can also delete your likes and other reactions comfortably. The truth is that this is a much more comfortable process if you want to delete the likes on several publications.

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