How to Use Chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Why Implement Them

Want to know how to use chatbots on Facebook Messenger? In a world where communication has become increasingly digital, social, and immediate, chatbots are a very useful tool for all those companies that want to use Facebook to do customer care or, in any case, to attract a hypothetical clientele.

While it may seem like ultra-complicated stuff, putting chatbots on your business Facebook page doesn’t require much skill.

We will explain everything to you below.

How to use chatbots on Facebook Messenger: what are chatbots first and foremost

Before understanding how to insert them, let’s see what chatbots are first. Chatbots, or rather, bots, are programs that allow you to automate interactions on social networks. With very precise code work, it is possible to automate any conversations with users who contact you in such a way as to do customer care even when you are not active on the platform.

Chatbots are usually installed to answer the most common questions from users automatically using specific keywords. The bot, through the keywords that users type, guess the question and respond accordingly. For example, if you own a restaurant, one of the questions they might ask might be about the menu. Whenever a user asks you something about it, the bot will be able to provide the automatic response that you have implemented.

The disadvantage of the chatbot (user side) is that it only allows you to answer specific generic and non-in-depth questions. For more assistance, it is always better to use other channels.Facebook Messenger chatbots

How to use chatbots on Facebook Messenger: Implementation

You can use chatbots on Facebook by looking at the official guide already present on the platform. Various platforms allow you to generate very generic bots, so you can also use external software if you need something more in-depth.

An example is Manychat, one of the most used tools by programmers as it allows you to create bots very quickly and without knowing too much about programming. But there is also Chatfuel, another software that has on its side the fact of being very easy. Here, you can create custom bots while keeping in mind the cost to invest.

How to best use chatbots then?

You can use chatbots on Facebook to do customer care and sponsor your company in the best possible way. For example, you can program one to send specific private messages about news, events, blog articles that are interesting and that you would like those who follow you to read.

Or, you can always offer coupons and discount codes with bots, or you can use them to receive orders, whether you are a restaurant or an actual hotel. In short, chatbots can become, if thought about well, a perfect social media marketing tool. Why not start exploiting them right away, then?

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