How to Create Custom Widgets in iOS with Widgetsmith?

In general, Apple’s mobile devices and its iOS operating system, in any of its versions, are quite sophisticated. They have been a trend among consumers for some time, due to their design and interface. But, today it is possible to create custom widgets in iOS with Widgetsmith to add a personal touch.

It may sound like an unusual measure, although it has actually become more common now. In fact, it is not bad to want to go beyond the typical Apple design and for this, Widgetsmith fulfills its function one hundred percent. What should you do? Pay attention so that everything runs perfectly and to the letter.

What are the benefits of creating custom widgets in iOS with Widgetsmith?

As already mentioned, the trend for customization of the most famous Apple devices, the iPhone, has changed recently. Now, with the arrival of Widgets, everything is simpler and even enjoyable.

Widgetsmith widgets, without fear of mistakes, are among the best on the list for the iOS operating system and your iPhone. Therefore, its benefits are appreciated by the community, so it is worth mentioning them one by one carefully.

A reliable and complete option

When it comes to creating custom widgets on iOS with Widgetsmith, you will find that the process is easy to navigate. In a matter of a few seconds, you will be able to show off new customization for your iPhone.

Thanks to the best options and templates that the application has, you can play with the possibilities to specify a good finish for your iPhone.

Add a personal aesthetic touch to the iPhone startup

The iPhone home screen is probably one of the most exploited and popular aspects of the community in general. Imagine being able to modify or customize it to your liking, according to the parameters of the application with the best Widgets. It will surely result in a great idea.

Wide variety of templates and designs

With an emphasis on what was exposed at the beginning of the benefits, Widgetsmith has a series of key instruments for optimal operation. Among these, the templates with varied designs for different features of the iPhone home screen stand out.

An example of this is the weather, the calendar along with the date and time, as well as a special section for photos or the ability to add reminders. Activating these new iPhone widgets is a piece of cake, as long as you involve Widgetsmith.

The time is now, learn how to create with the Widgetsmith app

By virtue of achieving a successful result, creating custom widgets in IOS with Widgetsmith is possible by edition 14 of this OS. During previous versions, this process was not highly recommended or it was simply not carried out accurately.iOS with Widgetsmith

As a first step, you must open the App Store on your Apple device and in the search bar, type the name of the application, Widgetsmith.

Once the download time expires and you create the shortcut, now you must enter the application. At first glance, three empty tiles of different sizes will appear and below each one, the “Add” button is wielded. Press it according to your demands and move on.

Taking into consideration what has been described, each widget template is unique and different from the other. Depending on your tastes, you can decide the background color or the widget itself. This includes the font style if it is text.

When creating custom widgets in IOS with Widgetsmith, you can name it whatever you want. You can even add a photo from the compatible library if you prefer.

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