Where to Download the Official Manuals to Repair iPhones?

Apple has activated the Self Service Repair for iPhone program that allows you to fix some iPhone models yourself without the need to contact third parties, providing guides, tools and spare parts to repair the display, replace the battery, Taptic Engine, camera, etc.

At the Self Service Repair Store, you can buy hundreds of spare parts and tools dedicated to repairing iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE 3 to replace the battery, bottom speaker, camera, display, SIM trolley, and Taptic Engine. In addition to spare parts, Apple also offers manuals with step-by-step explanations on how to correctly replace parts.where to download official manuals to repair iPhones?

To obtain the manuals dedicated to the repair, just visit the Apple Self Service Repair site. From here, search for “Repair manual” and locate the manual you are interested in. Alternatively, below you will find the links with the respective manuals in PDF format:

The PDF manuals include various sections with the:

  • procedures to follow,
  • screws to unscrew,
  • tools to be used to access and complete the operation step by step.

Apple sells kits but the costs seem quite high and the repair does not always seem so convenient. The savings in several cases translates into a few tens of dollars less than the costs required to carry out the operation in the Apple Store Genius Bars.

We remind you that in any case, Apple specifies that Self Service Repair is intended for users/technicians who have “knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices”. For those inexperienced in this regard, Apple recommends visiting a service center with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts.

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