How to Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

Did you know that it is possible to convert your Facebook profile into a Facebook page? If you’ve now finally decided to use Facebook as a tool in your business, this is where you should start.

In the rest of this article, let’s find out what converting your profile to a Facebook page is, why it is important and why you should do it if ever you have to.

What does the conversion of your Facebook profile to a Facebook page involve?

When you first signed up for Facebook, you created a Facebook profile. This is normal because it is the basic type of Facebook account.

It reflects your personality as a normal person on Facebook. This type of account is suitable for sharing mainly moments of your personal life (sharing his photos of outings and relaxation) with your loved ones.

But on Facebook, it’s not just the Facebook profile. There are also Facebook pages. Unlike Facebook profiles, Facebook pages are very suitable for representing:

  • A public figure– Artist, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Politician, etc.
  • A brand– A company, Association, TV channel, NGO, etc.

You just need to like your favorite artist’s page, for example, to start seeing their posts in your Facebook profile’s news queue.

To make the simple difference between a Facebook page and Facebook profile, I will simply say that a Facebook profile is much more geared towards personal use, but a Facebook page is for professional use.

If you decide to finally use Facebook as a professional tool to find your potential customers, partners, maintain communication with your fans, you will need to start by having a Facebook page.

Why you should convert your profile to a Facebook page

There could be several reasons behind your thinking of converting your Facebook profile to a Facebook Page.

Here are some of them that I found relevant to present to you

The number of friends limited to 5000 with a Facebook profile

With a Facebook profile, the number of friends is limited to 5,000. But this problem is solved with the ability to subscribe to profiles. You don’t necessarily have to be friends with someone to receive their new posts. You can subscribe to his profile simply, and the number of subscribers of a profile is unlimited.

Mark Zuckerberg, for example, the CEO of Facebook, still uses his Facebook profile but is followed by over 116 million people.

Your friends automatically like your new page

When you create a new page, you default to 0 people who like your page. You will have to start by inviting your friends, promoting the page to get more likes/subscribers.

Whereas when you change your Facebook profile to a page, the number of your friends automatically becomes the number of your likes. If you have 2,000 friends in your Facebook profile, you will have it after converting it to a 2,000 likes page.

Converting profile to page does not erase your profile. Your profile always remains and always keeps its same characteristics (its messages, photos, publications, etc.). However, you will have a clone of your on-page profile that you are free to choose what to keep and what to remove.

Using Facebook as a business tool

This last reason should be among the reasons that push you to convert your Facebook profile to a page. If not, you can still keep your profile as it is. You don’t need a Facebook page.

Facebook Pages aside from the perks that I subtly cited above provide many other perks that Facebook profiles do not have.

Tools that empower you to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool for your business.

With a Facebook page, you have the possibility to boost your publications, i.e., advertise your publications to reach more people around the world than the likes you have, while with a Facebook profile, that is simply not possible.

You cannot boost the publication on a Facebook profile.

How to finally convert your Facebook profile to a Page?

All these explanations were long, I agree. But I found it essential to talk about it to help you make a conscious decision.

If you think it’s time to convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook page, here’s how to do it next.

But be aware that:

  • The conversion of your Facebook profile into a page is only done once
  • Your profile is not deleted. You can always use your profile.
  • Your friends automatically become your likes and always remain your friends on your profile.
  • Your pending friends, followers, and friend requests will be notified that you’ve created a new page.

The first thing to do to convert your profile into a Facebook page is to go to this link :

Choose the categories that correspond to who you are, to your personality. Are you an entrepreneur? Blogger? It’s up to you.How to convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook page 5

You have friends and subscribers. You can choose which friends or followers will like your new page.How to convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook page 6 Choose the photos you want to keep on the new page.
How to convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook page 7And the last preview to see what will happen after clicking the create page button

And it will take a few minutes, depending on the content that needs to be migrated into the page.

After a few seconds, you will be on your new page. Your converted page is created, but it is not yet public. It means that no one can find it if they don’t have its link. You will have to publish it. All you have to do is click on the Publish page button in your cover photo.

The quick configurations to do on your new page are

  • Change the username of your page to give it a clear name
  • Configure your description, phone number, website if you have it, etc.
  • Edit your profile photo and cover to suit your public personality.
  • Start posting on your new page.
  • Find out what tools Facebook has at your disposal to communicate effectively with your Facebook page.

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