The Best Super Nintendo Emulators for Android

The Super Nintendo, also known as the Super NES, is one of the most beloved consoles by the retro gamer community. It had a life cycle of 13 years (1990 – 2003), during which hundreds of certainly memorable games were published. Given the technical demands of the console, it is one of the best machines to emulate in current mobile phones. Today we go over some of the best Super NES emulators for Android.

The 5 best Super Nintendo emulators for Android

Snes9x EX +

One of the best SNES emulators for Android. It is an open-source project that offers a great level of compatibility. It accepts game backups in .RAR, .ZIP, and 7Z formats. It is recommended to use ROMs with .SMC and .SFC extensions for better performance.

Another requirement is that the Android device must have a processor of at least 1.0GHz, something quite simple to meet in practically all smartphones launched today. Personally, it is the emulator that has given me the best results to date and one of the most recommended. In addition, it is completely free.


The Mega SNES Rock Retro

Excellent SNES emulator for Android, and although it is not well known (more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play), it is one of the best rated to date. It offers HD graphics, visual effects with CRT screen simulator, 2x / 3x zoom, support for Bluetooth controllers, turbo mode, cheats, advanced editor to customize on-screen controls, quick save, and support for multiplayer over Wi-Fi or network. Bluetooth.

In short, a very complete emulator that even allows itself the luxury of being compatible with those games that require a mouse to play. In addition, it is a very light emulator (the installation package only occupies 9.6 megabytes).


RetroArch is an all-in-one emulator that offers compatibility for a multitude of consoles and systems, including Nintendo’s Super NES. Here we are also talking about an open-source project, in this case, based on the Libretro development interface. It is a modular application, so you have to install the core of the console that you want to emulate before you can start loading the corresponding ROMs of the games.

Among its features, it offers quick saves, tricks, configurable controls, and even multiplayer games for those games that accept this type of mechanics.



If you are looking for the highest possible fidelity in the emulation of your Super Nintendo games, this is an emulator that you should take a look at. It uses the same engine as the original console to run the game, so the results are very realistic.

John NESS offers high-quality rendering, SD card support, virtual on-screen controls, and Bluetooth gamepad support, accepts ROMs in compressed format, and even lets you load games from Dropbox. One of the best-rated SNES emulators by the Android community with 4.5 stars. It also supports classic 8-bit Nintendo console games.



SuperRetro16 is a good emulator for those looking for extra functionality. It has VShaders of visual effects to soften the image, give it a CRT effect, etc. In addition to being compatible with external controls, it has a multiplayer mode in the network via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

One of its star features is the ability to save your progress in the cloud, so you can change devices and continue the game where you left off. Although we are talking about a free emulator, it offers integrated purchases for a complete experience. It has suffered certain instability problems in recent times. Hence, its evaluation in the Play Store is not one of the best on the list (now, it is the emulator for Super Nintendo most downloaded for Android, with more than 5 million installations).


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